Ummah 101: The Importance of Community

Khalid Latif

One Response to “ Khalid Latif – Ummah 101: The Importance of Community ”

  1. Abd Rahman says:


    Masha Allah beauitful speech by brother Khalid. He is a good brother, I have met him on several occasions including at MSA East Zone and his Khutbahs at NYU.

    But I have to strongly disagree with one point that he made. It is true that we should be forgiving of others and we should embrace them into our community despite their shortcomings (for example a sister who does not wear hijab). But at the same time we also should advice them where they are wrong and try to correct them. Hijab in Islam is not optional. Allah (swt) expects all of our sisters to cover. If they do not then they displease Him (swt). We need to let them know this fact. This is what dawah is, this is what commanding the good and forbidding the evil is.

    There are two extremes. One is so strict and one is so merciful. I felt brother Khalid was leaning towards the latter but we need to be balanced.

    Ultimately there is one Islam that all Muslims need to follow. The Islam that is in accordance with the Divine Law. Anyone who falls short of this level needs to be brought up to it.

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