Kitab at-Tawheed

Yasir Qadhi

Kitab at-Tawheed (Chapter 1)

Kitab at-Tawheed (Chapters 2-4)

Kitab at-Tawheed (Chapters 5-7)

Kitab at-Tawheed (Chapters 8-11)

Kitab at-Tawheed (Chapters 12-16)

Kitab at-Tawheed (Chapters 17-19)

Kitab at-Tawheed (Chapters 20-23)

Kitab at-Tawheed (Chapters 24-27)

Kitab at-Tawheed (Chapters 28-30)

Kitab at-Tawheed (Chapters 31-33)

Kitab at-Tawheed (Chapters 34-37)

Kitab at-Tawheed (Chapters 38-41)

Kitab at-Tawheed (Chapters 42-47)

Kitab at-Tawheed (Chapters 48-49)

Kitab at-Tawheed (Chapters 50-57)

Kitab at-Tawheed (Chapters 58-60)

Kitab at-Tawheed (Chapters 61-63)

Kitab at-Tawheed (Chapters 64-67)

11 Responses to “ Yasir Qadhi – Kitab at-Tawheed ”

  1. Subira says:

    These never work for me, no matter how many times I reload the page…

  2. Subira says:

    These never work for me, no matter how many times I reload the page….

  3. Zain says:


    I suggest you go to the library, or if you are in university to go to the computing center with a pair of headphones. It is much easier to concentrate, and you are highly likely to have it work at that time, i just tried it, and it works fine for me. Less distractions + more technology = more Yasir Qadhi

  4. muslimah says:

    asalaamu alaykum wr wb

    jazakum’allahu khayran

    i really appreciate it. may allah reward all the brothers that bring knowledge to us.

    this is great……….thank you

  5. […] Yasir Qadhi’s classes on the explanation of the Wahhabi Founder’s ridiculous book can be heard here: […]

  6. Amatullah says:

    Very informative lecture. May ALlaah help us understand the importance of Tawheed.

  7. Mrs M Moloo says:

    As salaam alaikum brother Yasir Qadhi. I follow the Ahle sunnah way. I have beenshown this site by my shia neighbours, it is confusing me I beg you to please help clarify these false claims. May Allah reward you/ Aameen

    • Realize says:

      You should not be confused about a book which does not say peace and blessing upon him every time they mention the prophets name pbuh. First of all.. They are shia. If you are of the ahl ul sunnah why be confused. If you are confused then its only because you lack the information. Dont let their twisted hate to Abu bakr and omar ibn al khattab confuse you. They themselfes are twisted in pure hate to the ones closest to the prophet saws since birth they are brainwashed/taught that. They are brought up with hate to the khulafah al rashideen except Ali! They hate Aisha to. Shia think that they are the only ones who love Ali. Fools. A true beliver respects and love them all since the prophet Muhammad saws said that anyone who is against them or speaks against them is not of me. So why do they still hate abu bakr and omar, when the prophet saws said these things?? You should not listen to the brainwashed. Thats my advise. Or else you just might with your lack of information get brainwashed to with the seed of hate to those dearest to the prophet saws.

    • naz says:

      assalamoualaikoum I also come from a family that claim to be ahle sunna wal jamma ,but I am not a shia also but if you want to find the truth you need to study learn search fron the quran ask question ,and insha allah will giude you and you will find where the truth is and that is the tawheed ulla( the oneness of allah )and noone has explain this better than yasir qadhi ,when you learn about this book you will see they are all sahih hadith from bukhari and other sunnan so with an open mind listen to the lecture and think very hard insha allah you will to the right path

  8. Is it possible to download these lectures?

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