Majesty of Divine Speech - Episode 18: Wasting Time

Nouman Ali Khan

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23 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – Majesty of Divine Speech – Episode 18: Wasting Time ”

  1. brina says:

    Masha’Allah SWT Jazak’Allah brother for you’re insight on this matter!

  2. Kareem says:

    salaam walikom, MashAllah, a must listen for everybody specially the youth and the parents.

  3. unknown says:

    hey i know u…..

  4. Moinul Islam says:

    Assalamu Alaikum!
    A very nice lecture that everyone should listen. Zajakum Allahu Khairun for posing such a nice lecture.

  5. saleha rahman says:

    Asalaamu Alaikum Wrwb

    SUBHANALLAH very good video . MAY ALLAH(swt)increase u in all . Keep up the good work.MUSLIM UMMAH really need this kind of eye opening lectures.

  6. bintslaveofAllah says:

    The reality is that the men are oblivious about their women folks. These mothers, grand mothers, aunties, wives, sisters, daughters, kids are so busy engaging their own “Khutbah” at the sister’s side during “Free Fridays” and the screaming Kateeb seemed to be getting in the way with their socializing programs. It has become the norm and no one cares.

  7. Lubna says:

    Assalam o alaikum

    Very good effort Mashallah.I want to listen ur more lectures,plz guide me.May Allah swt give u best reward ameen.

  8. Javeria Khan Afghan says:


    JazakaAllah Khairan Kaseera, the subject was handled well. Explanation based on siting examples and explaining the ayats was important and was done just right. A must listen both for children and parents.


  9. BP says:

    I cant get the sound for this…

  10. Yahiya Sultan says:

    Keep up the good work.

  11. sisterL says:

    what happened to episode 17 – a happy marriage episode? how come its not in the list anymore?

  12. sisterL says:

    it was right there & i didn’t see it, LOL…Jazakallahu khair! Btw, so what is episode 17?

  13. mn says:

    mashallah this is very good and beneficial.
    may allah bless you.

  14. BP says:

    Alhamdullillah finally got to hear the lecture, mashaAllah very beneficial with good advice

  15. talib says:



  16. hiddensouls says:

    This is amazing mashaAllah!
    I can’t wait to attend a Bayyinah class live inshaAllah!

    I especially loved the Noun and Verb analogies and examples..

  17. Yasmin says:

    Nouman Ali Khan is good to keep one engaged, he kept me focused even do i get bored easly. Alhamdulliah I have been listening to lectures in Halal Tube since yesterday when I found it.

  18. sadia z says:

    Great lecture! Very true about wasting time, I think adults are just as guilty as youths in this matter. I appreciate all your insight and advice.
    May Allah reward you for all your efforts.

  19. fatima says:

    MashaAllah – this is very true. The trouble with media very early on. The Disney princesses make their debut even at an Islamic Preschool.Kids are exposed to these magical role models which are improperly dressed and distort the young minds in the form of cartoons, books, stickers. Even when you are making the effort to protect your child by not keeping TV at home, maintaining a safe environment, all muslim parents need to do their part too so that the atmosphere in Islamic schools is kept appropriate for young children’s development.

  20. Mashallah!!!! I really enjoyed the lecture brother. But you should take the point of view of an actual teenager, because there are many things that you stated that were irrelevant for the teenagers of this day and age. You must take into consideration that times have changed yet the deen hasn’t changed and we must do the little things that Allah SWT would want us to do, and work our way up. you can’t expect teenagers to not go through the bad, in order to do good. everyone in their life has encountered some troubles and I think that personally gives some one the strength to want to learn more about the deen. inshaAllah khayr we will all work on our deen bit by bit. Jazakallah khayr brother.

  21. jas says:


  22. assalam says:

    gosh! i must make my parents watch this! xpecially about the REMOVAL OF TV! jazakallah khayr mashallah tabarakallah

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