Majesty of Divine Speech - Episode 19: The Healthy Marriage

Nouman Ali Khan

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36 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – Majesty of Divine Speech – Episode 19: The Healthy Marriage ”

  1. akhan says:

    Mashallah, he did a great job explaining such a controversial issue.

  2. traveller says:

    the brother is wrong. Women are unclear and inaffective in arguments as allah says,

    Ùˆ في الخصام غير مبين”

  3. Ahmad says:

    Brother is right.Well thought and presented lecture.Inspiring and clear mashAllah.

  4. Maryam Razvi Padela says:

    I was at the masjid when he gave this dars in Ramadan: Masha’Allah it was very good reminder then as it is now.

    Do your part.

    Insha’Allah we can all remember that and act on it.

  5. saadia says:

    can someone put up the next one (i think it’s episode 20)

  6. a muslima says:


    about what the right hand posesses, good explanation. But it is still unfair to the wife. why does he need to sleep with a woman to help her? It is absolutely not needed. They should help her get married. It hurts a wife emotionally when her husband is sleeping with another woman. It can cause psychological problems in the woman.

    • Brother says:

      Islam offers a real practical solution to every thing… The thing which is mentioned here was not *Started* by Islam… It was already there for centuries… Islam Offered a solution to the thing in a such a way that Muslim community got rid of it much earlier than all the rest of the world… Thats a historical fact… Islam didnt just prohibited it immediately, it could ve destroyed that society because they were dependant for many things on those Slaves… Islam provided a frame work to work that out…!

      Still in West the Prisoner women get rapped and without any1 taking any responsibilities… Islam is a Practical religion…
      Trust Allah..! He knows the Best… We have very little mind and visions as human to decide whats right….!!
      Allah knows whats better in the long run..!
      He knows what he created… Trust Him..!!

      “Should He (ALLAH) not know― He that created? And He is the One that understands the finest mysteries (and) is well-acquainted (with them).”

  7. hina says:

    MasaAlah it was wonderful………….

    InshaAlah i am gonna get marry tomarow, and i hope this lecture willhelp me a lot in my personal life,,,,,,,,,,,
    islam is a wonderfull religion

  8. AA says:

    Would anybody be able to tell me the name of the mosque where brother Nauman Ali Khan gives regular dars ?? Jzk 🙂

  9. Komal says:

    This is Masjid Darul Qur’aan, but this was during Ramadan…

  10. talha sumali says:

    May allah (sw) Give this brother, his family and his parents Al Firdawsa! amin!
    He just educated me so much! allahu akbar!

  11. wiwiek says:

    I love all Nouman Ali Khan’s dahwah,… All are very educated and benefit, may Allah give you and your family blessingand jannah, amin

  12. Rishadullah Shaikh says:

    Great stuff….MASHALLAH.

  13. Abdulhakim says:

    Salamualykum, Mashallah the brother has educated me in depth of this important aspect of marriage which i am looking for it to put it into practice once i find a suitable wife inshallah. The point that i learned from this lecture is that as a husband or a wife you need to do your obligations towards your spouse and not to have expectations of each other. Really good poit. Jazakumulaahu khayran brother. May Allah bless you and your family and that of all muslims. Please make dua for me and for all single brothers, that we find a good and suitable wives. Ya Rabb!!! Salaam.

  14. Aida says:

    please, can you post the rest of these lectures. We can’t find the rest anywhere.

  15. What A Wonderful Blog Post…

    [..] I saw this really good post today and I wanted to link to it. [..]…

  16. Syed says:

    Maashaallah very good lecture. I will try and be the best i can be towards my husband.

  17. Ghassan says:

    Why are there haram ads on this page???

  18. Jamil says:

    In all seriousness this site really should subscribe to website advertising that’s halal considering the site content and the fact it’s called “halaltube”. Do they really want revenue from someone visiting a dating site?

    Something to consider inshallah.

  19. sarah jones says:

    im sure the lecture will be very affective to anyone who listens to it inshaallah!

  20. Pyaro says:

    1. the advertisement on this site is “haram”, and Nouman is talking about “halaal”. Pls. post appropriate adverts.

    2. I wish Nouman had talked more about the qur’anic verses which state “flog them whenrever u may find them..” What was this ayat refering to, and how do we explain this to non muslims who attack the sanctity of qur’an.

    3. Please post part 2 soon, s his lectures do have some truth in them.

    4. I still do not understand “and those whom your right hand possess”, mentioned several times in Qur’an. WHo is allah refering to?

  21. ali says:

    very interesting durs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  22. shazaniya says:

    masha allah.he is a talented person.his explanations are very clear and it penetrates deep in to our minds .may allah bless him and his family…………

  23. saba osaid says:

    This is apropos ms muslima who believes that they did not need to have a sexual relationship with the pow women, instead they should just take good care of them and marry them off. I think Mr nauman explained man’s nature in the same lecture. In other progreesed countries the pow are being raped and brutally handled contrast to that if human nature is given a civilized outlet why shouldn’t we go for that. Those prisoners were given share in their master’s property and treated as family members. And elsewhere in Quran it is also mentioned that if they dislike sex don’t force them into it.

  24. Ayesha says:

    Really good lecture. Just wanted to know if the points that he mentioned that he wrote to help wives in maintaining good relations with the husband is available.

  25. RDC says:


    The haram ads appearing on computers may be automatically gathered by google. So be careful if you use a public computer. You may want to reset the browser’s cookies.

    Very technical and practical lecture indeed, masha Allah! May we get all His continued guidance and protection from the weaknesses of ourselves and others, may we get sakinah, mawaddah wa rahmah in our marriage, amien !

    Muslims, if you pay attention, in answering any criticism, you see that our brother Nouman here uses concrete data as accessory, besides of course the obligatory well-developped way of thinking. We need those data as well to strengthen our arguments, to answer back and really know who we’re dealing with and what we’re talking about. That means keeping in touch with research and reality, indeed it isn’t about idealism and theory. Theories can only be made because of past data. New data always show up, so we need to keep up.

    I find also interesting the way to see that the one who asks the questions becomes the one leading the offense. But when we know what are the techniques used against us, how anyone from any background use their thinking, even if we are in position to answer, in doesn’t mean we’re not in control ; we can take the discussion further by bringing them more elements that weren’t necessarily in the questions. Having the opportunity to answer is always good, and by knowing our deen as well as what’s happening elsewhere, we get to give a more complete and thus more accurate perspective than most our interlocutors. What I’m saying is that there are techniques to answer honestly a question that is based on provocation or controversy or demeanor, etc…

    Wallahu a’lam

  26. RDC says:

    Btw I’m also looking for episode no. 20, to which I don’t even know the title.

    There seem to be no website providing the full list for this series, in particular for the version of Ramadan 2007. It would be nice to also know the location where they were given.

    Jazzakallahu khair

  27. mmpaab says:

    For the single Muslims out there, I heard that Practicing Muslim Marriage Circle is a good option that does not involve haram communication betw people.

  28. mak says:

    Sometimes I accidently say things to my wife without realizing what I am saying. This sometimes hurts my wife. When I try to explain myself, things worsen. What advice can you give on this?

  29. Muhammad says:

    Is there any one know about Noman Lecture from Chapter 1 to on ward Chapter 30 i mean to ask that the complete tafseer of our Holly book, if this is not available then i request brother Noman to do so because Allah is really appreciate young ones who start traveling on the right path and i personally act much better after hearing your lectures that’s why i am requesting you to start complete tafseer of holly quran in the form of lectures so we young guys will digest it easily and act accordingly.

    Last but not the least now i really have an interest in reading holly quran specially those verses whom i heard from you.

    Personal thanks

  30. Jennah says:

    Interesting, so men can lack control of their nafs and then come home to a smiling and willing wife. otherwise he is justified in his anger. where’s accountability. there is too much male narcissism. for some of the brothers who write nasty and degrading comments about women. may Allah have mercy on you. as the Prophet (SAW) treated his wifes and others with much more respect than that.

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