Majesty of Divine Speech - Episode 7: Righteous Company

Nouman Ali Khan

6 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – Majesty of Divine Speech – Episode 7: Righteous Company ”

  1. TigerStyle says:

    Mashallah’ Nouman Khan is a great speaker, i know his lectures from Local MUSLIM CENTER OF NY MOSQUE, I wish there was a series of his tafsir session available online. I have been searching, this is first time i discovered Nouman ONLINE. Hope we find more of him, thanks for adding him.

  2. restingtraveller says:

    Does anybody know the lecture that is playing by AbdulBary Yahya in teh background? It sounds awesome mashaAllah *hint hint* halal tube… 🙂

  3. akhan says:

    its a commercial for the Purification Act, an almaghrib class. its going to be held in NY in november

  4. hina says:

    i know its a bit random but what does the quran state about eating crab
    ur lecture makes me want to be a better muslim

  5. zena says:

    nouman ali khan is the best speaker, i can understand what he means and i am wondering when he will make more videos they are so good and they are helping me understand more about islam!

    • zena says:

      my favorite lecture from nouman is the 1 aboutt respecting your parents. i never would have thought that our parents went through that much with us just to take care of us when we were babies, mashallah! may allah reward them and thanks alot to nouman ali khan for helping me understand about why it is important to respect our parents, may allah give you for your teaching, i am only 13 years old and now thanks to you i understand alot more about why we should respect our parents!

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