Majesty of Divine Speech - Episode 8: The Best Friend: Prophet Ibrahim

Nouman Ali Khan

6 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – Majesty of Divine Speech – Episode 8: The Best Friend: Prophet Ibrahim ”

  1. akhan says:

    aww man, cliff hanger.

  2. BP says:

    MashaAllah… beautifully explained wisdom of Ibrahim (as)

  3. BP says:

    There are meant to be 30 episodes in all of these lectures, please post the rest of them, so we can all benefit from them inshaAllah. This lecture has a continuation which is not posted… please post… JazakAllahu Khairun to all involved in these projects, may Allah swt guide us all and help us to be the best followers of the prophet SAW- Ameen

  4. ahmed says:

    please upload the rest of the series … most episodes are missing

  5. mahmood khan says:

    masha Allah ,brNouman engages one so deeply in understanding the expressions by emphasising the
    “damier mustatir and damier munfasereen.i.e the hidden and the and defining pronouns. He demonstrates the miracle of the Qura’n by emphasising the “madi and the mudarea”present tense and past tense in the same sentence .Another reason why one must learn arabic in order to understand the language of the Supreme SWTfor it is evudentlt the “communication” hadha balaagh ul mobeen” iI would love to listen to the rest ;what did Ibrahim a.s. say before ‘Alhamdolillah.”

  6. Delwar Mian says:

    ma sha Allah, excellent, I’ve learnt so much from this, Br. Nouman, ma sha Allah, Hayaakumullah, and wallaahu ubaarik feek.

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