May Allah forgive our server!

Alhaamdulillah!  We’re back after our short down time.  Please forgive us and our server!

May Allah (swt) accept your duas!  Ameen!


Halal Tube Team

4 Responses to “ May Allah forgive our server! ”

  1. hajia says:

    Wa kafa billahi naseera.

  2. khattab says:

    why do you allow filthy adverts allowing dating or connecting people.

  3. Safiyah says:

    May Allah reward you and help you to keep up this site however i agree with khattab there are filthy ads allowed on this site why? and can you fix it inshallah i have downloaded a protection blocking system i recommend it it blocks these adverts so i no longer see them now but previously this did concern me hope you can solve this matter effectively inshallah, forgive me if i offended anyone thats not my intent , I appreciate this site a lot thanks you very much

    Wa salamu alaykum

  4. Halal Tube says:

    @khattab and Safiyah – JazakAllah khair for your comments. Please report the inappropriate advertisements here:

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