Let Me Just Enter Jannah

Mohamed Hoblos


Are you of those who are yearning for Jannah? But what exactly are you yearning for? Have you ever thought about that? Or do you just want to enter Paradise without thinking about it? Many of us think like that! The problem is that you don’t know what you will be loosing out on! Imagine you were traveling a 20 hour long flight and you just wanted to get on board after seeing the long queue. You didn’t think more about it and just wanted to get in. But when you got on board and saw the first class seats, while passing by them on your way to economy class, you realized that all travelers are not on the same level. Some are enjoying more than others! So what about in Jannah? There are leves of Jannah, why do you aim to just enter it, and not for the highest degree? Join Mohammad Hoblos in this very inspirational lecture about why and how you can aim and achieve the highest levels of Paradise.

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