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Hamza Yusuf

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  2. abdulmalik ismael says:

    The Hillal of Ramadan 1430 A.H. :Based on mathematical calculation by Alh. Isiaq Ajao Malik.
    The hillal of Ramadan for 1430 ah shall appear to the world by 4.04 pm on Friday 21st of august 2009 Nigeria local shall be first sighted on longitude 48 1/2 degree east in Saudi Arabia,Iraq and Syria and fasting of Ramadan shall commenced on Saturday 22nd of august 2009.
    this information is contained in the “sighting the moon international” written by Alh.Isaiq Ajao Malik of no 183 oba momo. road Adeeta Ilorin Kwara state Nigeria.
    such detail information can be found in the above quoted book till the period of 2213 CE (1640AH)

  3. Ferishta says:

    mashaAllah, it´s really amazing how talented, blessed some people are in clarifing the pillars of religion.
    so clear and intelligent! Shaykh Hamza is great!

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  7. Muhamad says:

    Assalam Alaikum ,

    can i request for the replacement of this file..
    as it is no longer available.
    i would love if you can do that

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