Mama, I’ll Meet You in Jannah

Muhammad Alshareef

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29 Responses to “ Muhammad Alshareef – Mama, I’ll Meet You in Jannah ”

  1. Zubedah says:

    Salaamu Alshareef am delighted that you were able to do this topic & may Allah reward you for the good job you are doing ins ha Allah. I personally lost my dearest mother so i know what it means when you lose a loved one & may Allah reward her with the best Janna ins ha Allah.

  2. thamreen says:

    As-salam alaikum,

    Jazakhallah Khair for thinking outside the box. Awesome, awesome awesome talk.

    This helped on many different levels — as a mother who lost a child and as a therapist.

  3. sam says:

    excellent alhamdulilah. Brother Muhammad is a very eloquent speaker who always presents topics which are real life issues which are often not addressed appropriately – head on. May allah bless him for all his efforts amen

  4. Sister Nasreen says:

    Beautiful speech. Jazak’allah khairon to brother Muhammad.

    I lost my son aged 7years old nearly 3 years ago. It was nice to refresh the knowledge about patience(sabr) and the rewards of losing a child in Islam.

    I used to say alhumdu’lillah every morning to Allah(SWT) for blessing life to my son and giving him to me and making me his mother out of the whole wide world for 7 years without fail. I had read a muslim parent should say Alhumdulillah 3 times when his/her child passes away and I remembered this at the time of his death. Allah(SWT) blessed me with intense sabr. Of course I still cry and remember him everyday.

    One thing that troubles me alot is that since he has passed away, I have never seen my son in my dream. After Salah especially Esha prayer I ask Allah(SWT)to let me see my son in my dream, but my son has not come to me. Does anyone have a Islamic explanationas. I have heard that dead people do visit loved ones.

  5. Sister Nasreen may Allah swt increase your sabr and give you jannah inshaAllah for your patience. I hope someone can answer your question inshaAllah.

    Great speech by sheekh muhammad al shareef.

  6. shireen says:

    Mashallah what a great speaker we have been blessed with.

    Recently,my cousin lost his five year old daughter ,&it was devastating .Only with Iman can we get thru’such a painfull event.

  7. Qausia says:

    I lost my 15 month old son recently. Listening to this has made a big differance jazazkAllah

  8. […] Alshareef – Mama, I’ll Meet You in Jannah here's the link for it please listen to it,…-you-in-jannah jus click the play icon. __________________ [2:216] .. But you may dislike something which is […]

  9. ummaffan says:

    jazak Allah khairan brother for nice topic.
    I had misscarriage and at that time learnt to keep patience.InshAllah i’ll meet my baby in jannah.
    Sister nasreen inshAllah u’ll see ur son soon.

  10. Maaroof says:

    Im a Nigerian and I’ve always listened to Sheik Al-Shareef’s lectures and I av always longed to meet him in person.Walai,I do pray if I cant be an astute islamic spaeker like sheik,I pray Allah bless me with a son that will spread His dawah.May Allah protect him 4 us all and endow him the more with His knowledge.Amin.+2348039583000

  11. Maaroof says:

    I love him for the sake of Allah

  12. ummefajr says:

    sister nasreen plz join the group on google groups with same topic
    Mama I will meet you in Jannah
    link is

  13. Umm-Ayoub says:

    Jeezakumullahu khairun Br. Muhammad well needed topic.

  14. mrs raheel says:

    i desperately needed this i have experienced three miscarriages all of them were in 2nd trimester….the grief is killing but my Allah soothes me he comforts my heart when i listen to people like u …….thanks a lot.

  15. zakkiyya says:

    JazakAllah Khair brother Muhammad Alshareef this is one lecture I really needed to hear I lost my 15 year old grandson in 2009.And that was the hardest test to overcome,but my constant prayers helped me to cope with his death.My heart still aches for my grandson and i still cry,but knowing that i will see him again inshaAllah brings me great joy. May Allah(swt) bless us all with Sabr ameen.

  16. Qausia says:

    If anyone would like to join an active facebook group to help others that have gone through the same thing, please search: Muslim Child Bereavement on facebook. InshaAllah see you there for the sake of ALlah X

    • Abida says:

      Thanyou to brother Mohammed for his comforting lecture as Allah SWT gave me much sabr during this painfull time.My baby son Adam of 11 days returned to Allah SWT after developing a devastating condition NEC during neonatal as he was born at 33 weeks gestation.He was a fighter and battled hard to survive with the support of oxygen and morphine.In the end he died in my arms, holding on to his fathers fingers.He was our first and only baby. Thanyou Qausia, i would like to join your face book group. X

  17. Abida says:

    I would like to say Thankyou to everyones comments. Although I did see my baby as a toddler and a teenager in my dreams last night. In my dream i follow him around so scared that he may die again. Does anyone know what this means?

  18. Halima says:

    My dear son Yaseen was still born on the in Dec 2010. At 39+3.
    I have found this talk by Brother Alshareef inspirational. It helps.
    The reciation of the Qu’ran in the speech comforts my soul.

    Insh’Allah as long as we remain paitent and remember Allah (swt) may our reward be Jannah with our children.

    JazakAllah Khair

  19. Amina says:

    As’Salaam Alaikum,

    My son Maher passed away on Jan 23rd, 2011 (car accident). He was on his way back from work. He was 23 years old and married 8 month. There isn’t a day that passes without me thinking of him. Without Allah’s Help, I don’t know how I could get through this. I went to his college graduation to accept is degree and he was the only one not there out of the 1500 graduates. AlHamidillah, I had the support of the muslim community and the muslim school i work at. May Allah reward

    • Halima says:

      Dear Sister Amina

      Asalaam O likum

      We come from Allah and we return to him. May Allah reward your paitence, with the bounties of the hereafter. I am terribly sorry for your loss. I lost my sister 6 years ago at the age of 23 years. It is truly devastating.

      In my thoughts and prays.


  20. Faatimah says:

    Jazakallah Khair to brother Muhammad for covering this topic.. I recently had 2 miscarriages & was devastated. Listening to his lecture consoled me. May Allah make it easy for all of you who have lost children & had miscarriages. Allah knows best & he will reward us & reunite us with our lost children.. Insha Allah Ameen

    • malak says:

      salam alaikow how u feel i lost 2 unborn babyes…that last is fresh naw….1 mnth ago….i cant cope with that…i am realy low and devil playing with me…may allah protect us all…

  21. Faatimah says:

    Assalamualaikum.. Sister Malak be strong & pray to Allah. Alhamdullilah I am now 37
    Weeks pregnant & awaiting th birth of my baby. After my 2 miscarriages I was also feeling
    Very low but I prayed to Allah & he gave me strength to cope & now SubhanAllah I have carried my
    Baby this far. Insha Allah Allah will make it easy 4 u. I hope that I have given u some hope.

  22. fadielaf says:

    Assalamualaikum….Jzk for this lecture. Its nearly 6 yrs since the passing of my 2 year old son. I miss him everyday. I am deeply comforted knowing that he is a child of Jannah. I make lots of duah for my two children to be protected from this world. May the Almighty keep our children that are still with us protect and safe from all the evil of this world. In Sha Allah

  23. Umm safia says:

    I had a miscarriage 3 days ago, although the pregnancy wasnt planned it hit me hard when I lost my baby. It had to be the worst day of my life. Im going thru the grief on my own. Hubby doesnt understand although it happened on the first trimester it was a human being, most of all it was my baby. I didnt get support from him. Alhamdulillaah although my heart aches listening to Quran and putting my trust in Allah has helped tremendously. This lecture is so beneficial. May Allah reward the sheikh. It helped me to find peace. Alhamdulillah

  24. Very Informative! Stimules my interest in the topic. Need more posts like this in future! 🙂

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