Our Relationship with the Quran

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari

4 Responses to “ Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari – Our Relationship with the Quran ”

  1. Adiro Abdool-Lateef says:

    Asalam alaek…Pls, could I be receiving islamic quotes,lectures&so on as message in my email box?
    Ma Salam

    • - says:

      i don’t know.. but i know if you have a gmail account, you can subscribe to Halaltube & then it says when lectures are added.. to do so click the small orange square with white lines in it, which should be next to the url.

  2. Ifreen says:

    Very nice Hamdolillah… A real good reminder of buliding a connection with the words of God

  3. Adam says:

    Yes, very nice Alhamdullah

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