Taking Means, Reliance on Allah, Ruqya & Amulets

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari

7 Responses to “ Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari – Taking Means, Reliance on Allah, Ruqya & Amulets ”

  1. umm Saliha says:

    Very informative and balanced lecture as usual by the Sheikh.

  2. Samir says:

    Thanks for the wonderful talk. May God bless you!

  3. Abdul says:

    I learnt a lot. Allah reward you, Ameen

  4. Fatima says:

    Absolutely brilliant!

  5. Aisha says:

    Very well explained. May Allah reward you shaykh

  6. Ruqya says:

    Very useful and so peaceful blog for us. Such a good work and so good write up.

  7. waheeda says:

    This first part of this lecture (dua) gave us hope, the middle part (reliance) strengthen our relationship with Allah and the final part (halal rizq) taught us the condition for the solution of our problems. May Allah reward him, ameen.

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