Unity & the Manners of Difference

Muhammad ibn Adam al Kawthari

2 Responses to “ Muhammad ibn Adam al Kawthari – Unity & the Manners of Difference ”

  1. LeSmilingRevert says:

    Really loved this video masha’ Allah and its stress upon unification of the Ummah. It is truly upsetting as a revert to go to websites seeking help about a habit, or a difference of opinions I my have and people are calling others “kafir” etc, it is not welcoming to the religion at all. This is truly beautiful and I believe demonstrates how a majority of our Ummah feels- we are one and we are accepting and empathetic towards one another. Alhamdulilah for being Muslims together by the will of Allah SWT.

  2. Fatima says:

    Islam is a religion of Moderation I agree but there is a Line which we the Subjects of Allah cannot croos or should cross and once we cross this we need. To seek Forgiveness sincerely as Allah swt requests from Us

    When a person calls himself a Muslim this is due to the certaiinty of his belief which is that he submits to Alllah and as I could be mistaken Islam is religion wherein the one who belongs to it Submits to Allah and his commands.

    This means together with other aspects that we can and Should believe in All the messengers and that books Alllah has sent Most importantly the Quran

    ” Are we allowed to as Muslims refute Any part of the Quran ? ”

    ” Can any one Person say The Quran is Flawed ”

    Then in the next breath the Person says I am A Muslim ?

    I have listened to your lecture and you say that the Quran message is decisive and some seems indecisive

    Tell me then

    Can Raza Azlan say ” I’m a Muslim and say that I have in my book proved that Jesus was crucified etc .com and the Muslims and Quran are mistaken

    This goes in my opinion to the heart of his belief and that’s when someone will say that’s a kaafir and out of the fold of Islam

    Allah says clearly Jesus was not crucified in Quran

    There are others who say I’m a Muslim but they question Allah and the Quran and call it FlaWed??

    Please tell me why we should allow such deviant opinions to prevail without denouncing them especially since they do through the media have the ability to influence the masses especially the Youth who are the Leaders and Parents of tomorrow

    Thank you for your guidance

    Sister of Islam

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