Muhammad (pbuh) in the Various Religious Scriptures

Zakir Naik


What do the various world scriptures like the Bible & Torah say about Muhammad (pbuh)? Is Muhammad (pbuh) mentioned In the Hindu scriptures? Where is Muhammad (pbuh) mentioned by name in the Bible? Dr. Zakir Naik answers these questions and more in this lecture.

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5 Responses to “ Zakir Naik – Muhammad (pbuh) in the Various Religious Scriptures ”

  1. Umar says:

    he is a great speaker
    the proble with the video
    is that the voice is really low
    u cud hear it, but its still low.

  2. sharear azam says:

    Assalam.i saw lots of islamic orator but i feel Dr.zakir naik is the best lecturer as i observed in my 7 years continue observation of several birth i am bangladeshi.i studied in india 4 year and hv oppertunity to enjoy his i am studing in we live in the science and technology era we hv to think and approches with the scientific my concern Dr.zakir naiks lacture and question answer session mostly based on scentific system response as we need.HOPE INSHALLAH MUSLIM UMMAH WILL INCEREASE KNOWLEDGE TO OBSERVE AS WELL AS INVOLVE WITH DAILY LIFE DR.ZAKIR NAIKS LECTURE.

  3. shakib says:

    Zakir is An fantastic orator having inherent skills. I am big fan of him

  4. shakib says:

    He clarify all the misconceptions

  5. Muhammad Jamal Maqsood says:

    Dr. Zakir is going a great Jehad. May Allah bless him with success, hapiness and keep him on hidayah.

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