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  2. Fatima says:

    Assalamu alaykum,

    Thank you so much for this memorable lecture and for Halal Tube.
    One minor comment on the kind of being Al-Shaytaan is: I was surprised to hear that there was a difference of opinion among scholars. Not being one myself,I nevertheless thought the issue was crystal clear from Ayah 50 of Surah Kahf where it is clearly stated that he was from the Jinn. In other references to the event in the Quran it made sense to me that this fact was not referred to because of the context of the narration, for instance in S Baqarah the focus of the narration tome seems to be to inform us of the events that led to the presence of Man on Earth. I also thought it is natural that when you are referring a group or a congregation, especially a very large one, you use the name of the majority. It would have been awkward if the verse in Al Baqarah started as ‘And when Your Lord said to the Angels and the one Jinn among them….’ Astaghfirul Lah!
    I would like to ask Al-Maghrib and the other institutions that conduct courses to consider running online courses for those of us around the world who can not attend in person for one reason or another. These courses can be modified, charge a fee for access, have live sessions where participants can communicate directly with the tutors,etc. If such online courses already exist, please post the links to the websites.
    Jazaa kumul Lahu khayra.

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