New Design, 2010 Hits & Ramadan Spike, 2011 and the future


Asalaamualykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,

We would like to apologize for being over a year late since our last update which was two Eid’s ago.  We’d like to update everyone on the latest HalalTube news and a review of 2010.

New Design / Browse by Topic

Alhamdulillah, as you may well be aware of, we’ve revamped the entire site and added the ability to browse lectures based by topic.  It took me a while to finally launch it and the overwhelming support has been very positive due to the overwhelming emails and comments.

2010 Year Review / Ramadan Spike

HalalTube started in 2007 and slowly grew in 2008-2009 period.  In 2010 HalalTube saw the most hits ever. One fascinating fact that we discovered upon looking at the hit stats was that during the month of Ramadan, our hits were greater and even doubled on some days.  We noticed three different levels of peaks.  The largest peak was right at the beginning of Ramadan, then it was at the end of Ramadan and the smallest peak was during the middle of Ramadan.

So what does this mean?  We don’t really know, but based on the graph below, we can see that viewers utilize HalalTube mostly in Ramadan and especially at the beginning, middle and end of the blessed month.

2011 and the Future

Allah knows best. Our intention is to increase the speaker list by doubling it and double the amount of lectures available.  Also we plan on adding speaker information and links related to the speaker.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Please share HalalTube with your family and friends.  Share the knowledge and get rewarded!

JazakAllah khair!

HalalTube Team

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