Advice to Students of Qur’an and Arabic

Nouman Ali Khan

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4 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – Advice to Students of Qur’an and Arabic ”

  1. Shameem says:

    Asslaamu Alaikum bro, This is very good guidance for the young and old who want to understand Quran in Arabic. May Allah SWT make it easy to learn Arabic to understand Quran, Ameen

  2. faila says:

    mashallah, may Allah bless us all

  3. tahir bin abdullah says:

    may allah bless u and ur family

  4. astiarini says:

    Masya Allah, I was in tears at the last part, Allah has touched me again.. Please Allah let Islam regain its power again over the world.. please let our children be the leaders.. amin amin YRA

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