Controlling Anger

Nouman Ali Khan

20 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – Controlling Anger ”

  1. Sister Leah says:

    SubhanALLAH! What an incredible reminder! WOW I needed that! May ALLAH make us among those who forgive while angry. Ameen!!

  2. sister nancy says:

    Subhan Allah yes this is such a good explanation if we could just learn to forgive more that would be great . I learned alot from this videio keep up the good work you are amazing May Allah give you the ajar for all your shared knowledge and bless your parents for giving you such a great bringing up.

  3. sister Danish says:

    mashallah,you have a dynamic style of conveying the message even in such a short time to increase one’s taqwa, may Allah protect and bless you and your family,ameen.

  4. Abid Latif says:

    Jazakallah Khair brother. May Allah give us the ability to be with them the one you mentioned in your commentary.

  5. Wahida says:

    Mashallah very beautiful recitation, translation and explanation. May Allah reward u. You have such grace and clear articulation. May Allah bless you to inspire and educate many more inshallah.

  6. Sister M says:

    I had a very terrible day today, and this is just what I needed to hear. Thank you so much for posting this, and may Allah reward you.

  7. Warda says:

    JazakAllah Khair

  8. siti says:

    ijlis bina nu’min sa’ah…
    jazakAllah khair…
    really get something from this video…
    how great and meaningful alquran is!!! for who understand it…
    insyaAllah we’re one of them

  9. Emaan says:

    Subhanallah – what a beautiful reminder!

  10. abu Abdullah says:

    This is the same person who does not know how to listen to two sides of a story. This is same person who teaches about forgiveness on you tube videos but fails to deliver it in person, when he sense any drama. He is not an imam or trained counselor and it should not be held against him if he asks you to LEAVE his campus without any explanation given or listened from. he remains an astute example of exemplary Arabic teacher mashallah. Beautiful Reminder.

    • Abdullah S A says:

      You do not have the right to judge another person’s intentions

    • Fathima says:

      Brother Abdullah, It seems that you have forgiven whatever it was and that makes you a good person. Anyhow, we take the lessons from whoever we get it, and no doubt Brother Nouman delivers great talks, and brings Allah’s words to life.

  11. yasmin says:

    SubhanAllah! what a beautiful reminder! I needed that. JazakAllah Khair………..

  12. S says:

    Mashallah thank you sooo much

  13. 4 says:

    I beat my son

  14. Parveen Fatima says:

    Mashallah.. particularly on the last thought of forgiving people in trhe family..may Allah help us and give us the strength..thanx a lot

  15. SANIA ASHRAF says:


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