Conversation with a Christian on the Quran

Nouman Ali Khan

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18 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – Conversation with a Christian on the Quran ”

  1. Ahsan Sayed says:


    Awesome video alhumdulilah. please fix the typo on the top.

  2. Mohsalih says:

    Wa alaikumus salam warahmatullah

    Shaykh Nouman rocks

  3. nmr says:

    mashallah, this method of daawah is needed for the truly inquisitive or the one that needs more convincing.

    the 1 + 1 = 4 daawah style will not work here, in fact will push them away from islam further.

    i’m very impressed with this explanation. you can check out more from this brother at

    i will be following this brother more closely. good job br. eddie & br. nouman

  4. nmr says:

    assalamualaikum, can you reject my previous comment or remove it. jazakallah.

  5. Brother says:

    Calling the message in the Qur’an a miracle in an interesting idea. However a message alone cannot be regarded as a miracle, at least not in the English sense of the word. The words of the Messiah were indeed divine in origin, but that is also not a miracle. But the wonders and miracles witnessed in his life confirm His divine approval, along with His prophecies that have been fulfilled, and through this evidence we are compelled to believe his words.

    God’s prophets spoke of things to come because God told them what to say. What are the prophecy’s revealed through Mohammed?

  6. nmr says:

    quiet a few actually Brother (we don’t call them prophecy because that word brings a sense on unsurety, as the word of god has no doubt in it which we believe the quran to be unlike the bible which is inspired), but off the top my head, the coming of the dajjal (anti-christ). the coming of the messiah (jesus) pbuh (peace be upon him). hes rule on earth which will be truly just. the release of the gog and magog.

    From the surface this might look like its coming from Christiandom but if you do look into it, the difference is like day and night. for example in the coming of the messiah with bring with it the destruction of the cross and the messiahs denial of those that worshiped him as god, the son of god and the trinity.

    if you would like to know more, i suggest you sincerely look into the quran which is the literal word of god, the hadiths which are the sayings of the prophet muhammad pbuh.

    for something deeper there are the commentary of the quran given by scholars but as any work of men they are not perfect or might contain some error unintentionally.

  7. nmr says:

    not to be disrespectful Brother but who says that a message cannot be regarded as a miracle?

    as a non arabic native just by listening to the quran, i knew it was not from a man. it worked for me and a lot of people. thats a miracle 😉

    • Brother says:

      nmr, to have been amazed by the words of the Quran and to then believe it to be the words of the creator the universe is not a miracle in my eyes. A miracle would be that you couldn’t walk and then you touched the Quran and miracously were able to. All but one of the prophecies I’ve been quoted from the Quran are yet to happen, so they cannot be verified yet.

      Can you tell me where I can read about the Islamic prediction of the end times, and the burning of the cross and the Messiah’s followers?

      By faith you believe that the Quran is the message not from a man, but are you confident that the message came from the loving, all mighty ruler and creator of the universe? There are more supernatural powers at work than just one.

      The Bible teaches that we can determine who the false prophets are by their fruits Mat 7:20.

      • Dewi says:

        Brother, to the muslims, Quran is not only a message, but it is the miracle, that transcends generations, without the prophets having to be there. I learnt from Brother Nouman’s other lecture that the difference in the miracles given to prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) than that given to the other prophets, including Jesus (peace and blessings be upon him) is that the Quran is a miracle in hearing, meaning that we listen to the miracle when it is being recited, as opposed to miracles performed by other prophets, we need them to be there to perform these miracles. For our generations, not having witnessed these miracles through our own eyes, these miracles unfortunately became stories, they didn’t have the same effect on us as compared to those who witnessed these miracles themselves. The Quran preserved for over 1400 years, generations to come can still be able to listen to the miracle being recited.

        To understand the miracle in the Quran itself, you have to study it. Muslims are ordered to gain knowledge and learn the Quran and hadith, to know more about their religion/way of life (deen), in addition to having faith. This may take a life time, but that shouldn’t stop anyone if they trully want to be a practising muslim. I know it is in Arabic, I am a non Arabic speaker myself, but God encourage people to learn this language, it is not exclusive just for the Arabs. Muslims believe that God also taught us languages (as is revealed in the Quran itself), but God bestows honor in the Arabic languange by revealing the Quran in Arabic. He promises to reward ease in learning Arabic for those who wish to learn the Quran.

        I find this website most helpful: There’s a program offered called Quran cover-to-cover with videos from Brother Nouman’s lectures discussing a taste of the miracle of the Quran (can you imagine having the full experience of the miracle in the Quran once you learn Arabic?! I am looking forward to that day myself). One cannot help but be convinced that Quran is really from God.

        I pray that Allah guides you to the truth.

  8. freshouttatime says:

    anytime brother nauman speaks mashaAllah you get insight into the depth of the quran.

    however for this session, called ‘nauman ali khan on a conversation with a christian’ was really one sided. brother nauman did his thing, and the poor lawyer fellow really didn’t get a chance to speak.
    further, any debate or intellectual discussion has to involve equivalent credentials on both sides.
    I think this debate/conversation can and should be redone with brother nauman alongside a christian linguist/historian.

  9. Jeff says:

    Fine article. There?s a lot of great info here, though I did want to let you know something ? I am running Redhat with the up-to-date beta of Firefox, and the look and feel of your blog is kind of flaky for me. I can read the articles, but the navigation doesn?t work so well.

  10. mohammed asif says:

    mashallah ,, bhai dua mein hamein yaad rakkhein

  11. k says:

    This video has been removed by the user. Please update the video if you can find it elsewhere JazakAllah khair 🙂

  12. muhammad943 says:

    please upload again
    hallal tube should buy its own servers and host so that its vids may not be deleted
    im sure all muslim bros can donate

  13. Ahmad says:

    Says Video does not exist?

  14. farida says:

    video is not there

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