Divine Speech

Nouman Ali Khan

Part 1:

Part 2:

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32 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – Divine Speech ”

  1. shirien says:

    just for clarification, this is the prologue to the actually one-weekend seminar dedicated to this subject. To enroll, go to http://www.bayyinah.com/student_center.

  2. Tariq says:

    NEED PART 2 BRO! please please UPLOAD IT!

  3. Nosherwan says:

    I second Tariq!!! Need part 2!!!

  4. Bilal says:

    I third Tariq!! Really want part 2!!!

  5. nazreen meeran says:

    subuhanallah what a beautiful and captivating speech!! need the 2nd part ,please.

  6. abeul jaleel says:

    May Allah give you more and more strength
    to solidify our iman.it is a good site to propagate Islam.

  7. tarek says:

    Salam WaAlaykum,
    I was really getting into it until I got to the 40th minute of so, where each minute was taking 5 to 10minutes due to it stalling and trying to refresh. Followed it on youtube and googlevideo and still the same. I have stopped trying to watch it.. sad that these vids get uploaded and one can barely watch them.

    In a nutshell fantastic lecture maybe oneday I’ll be able to watch it all without interuptions.

    Salam to all

  8. Shirien says:

    it’s not the video that’s the problem, it’s most likely the internet connection

  9. akhan says:

    pause the vid and play it after a few min, it should run smoothly then Inshallah

  10. tarek says:

    Tried again just now for part 2 and it’s the same. I have a broad band connection so I don’t think its the connection as I have the ability to view other video’s with no issue at all. Thanks for the advice all much appreciated.

    JezakAllah alaykum


  11. Halal Tube says:

    @Tarek – Restarted your browser and/or your computer should fix the issue. If not, just do a search on YouTube for the video.

  12. suha cassim says:

    salaams everyone, i discovered marshallah how to view it smoothly. so you just let it run with all the jerks and pauses while it is loading. you roughly know how long the video is. If it is 30 mins go do something else while it is loading at 28 mins later before it is over – come back and gently push the curser back to the beginning and press play it will run like a normal video with no interruptions at all. But you cant do anything else to the connection or you will have to re load it all over again. I hope it helps inshallah..

  13. naz says:

    I just finished hearing the whole lecture without any connection problems.What a powerful lecture,mashallah!Jazakallahkhair to whoever uploaded the 2nd part.

  14. WAHEEDA says:

    is it possible to purchase these lectures on dvd – will be of great benefit to the students at our organisation (where I am employed) shukran

  15. somboy says:

    it’s really can be downloaded if you have real one player or any other download able program.
    try to use this program to download if you want.


    thanks a lot

  16. Dear Brothers, I started to watch the lectures of brother Nouman Alikhan only recently. Alhamdulillah this brother in belief not only passing the divinity of the ideology but stimulating emotions . Praying for his health for the service of our deen.

  17. Rizwan says:

    Wonderful material – speaker, content and manner. Looking forward to hearing your course in Islamic Foundation

  18. Keyar says:

    I use to leasten and watch brother Nouman Ali Kahn lectures to increas my faith and increas my knowloge.
    Barakallh fi 3lmek and jazakallh kher.

  19. Pyaro says:

    hard to understand,waste of time; he should include predictions mentioned in the Qur’an. These are more powerful “miracles”.
    He should also state why the Qur’an is not simply copied by mohamed from Greek philosophers, such as Socrates .Although Mohamed couold not write, he still could have come into contact with students/philosophers/scientists from Greece, and thus copied the best theories, rehearsed these in secret, and made speeches which appeared as if “revelations” from divinity.

    Literary analysis requires understanding of ancient history, arabian history,linguistics, psychology, literature (the odyssey), or a college degree which many young muslims do not yet have.

  20. Pyaro says:

    Mohamed ,as a caravan trader and chief,could have come into contact with not only great scientists from Greece, but also great poets from Greece/Arabia/ Egypt/Persia, and thus they helped him compose the Qur’an. He then memorised the lines/stanzas, rehearsed in secret (that is what Abu bakr came to eavesdrop at mohamed’s house).
    All of which is made to appear as “divine speech”, whereas all of it was rehearsed well in advance, or in secrecy of his house/house of Khadijah . Remember khadijah, his wife, was an influential woman, making his contacts with various other prominent poets/kings/doctors/scientists possible. A combination of all of the abiove made qur’an possible. It has nothing to do with GOD/ALLAH.

  21. waqqas says:

    Pyaro, quite some assumptions!

    If you post such question to an Islamic scholar /Nouman Ali Khan in person, you probably able to get better answers. Here, we are just trying to get benefit from these lectures and gain some knowledge.

    May Allah guide us all towards righteous.


  22. Micky says:

    This debate about Allah’s existence, or God in general is beyond reason. If everything is created by Allah, why cant he fix the shit in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, …? Why does Allah have to prove his existence, why cant he just go about doing his job? Why do people have to remember him 5 times a day? Why don’t Muslims pray to their parents five times a day?

    Why don’t Hindus/Muslims/Christians all denounce religion once and for all!

  23. Najib says:

    Micky, those who have faith in Allah believe that this world is nothing but a testing ground. All the bad things that are happening to the world today are also tests and not just that, even things that people generally define as good like wealth are also tests. If everything is all good and well here than there would be no need for the promised heaven.

    As to why Allah doesn’t just show a clear sign that He is indeed the Lord of the worlds so that everyone will believe in Him, well the answer is in the Quran, to put it in wordly terms, that would be like the teacher giving his students the test paper and the answers during the test.

    Why do Muslims remember Allah 5 times a day? That is rather incorrect, we are told remember him with the passing of our every breath, but we commanded to engage in physical acts of worship, or what some would say prayer, at least 5 times a day.

    Brother, if you have any desire in you to search for more answers – to see how correct or incorrect Islam is, I strongly suggest you listen to the analysis of the Quran at bayyinah.com/dream. Do so with an open heart, and I pray that Allah will grant his guidance on you

  24. rabia umair says:

    how can i share it with my friends on face book

  25. rabia umair says:

    a very capturing speech

  26. fathima says:

    i’m not able to watch this video. it says video not available…. wer can i watch it?

  27. muslim says:

    YEs the channel has been suspended temporarily,InshaAllah it will be back soon,you can search for it on youtube, or watch all those lectures of brother nouman at this channel: http://www.youtube.com/NAKcollection

    *p.s. the channel ‘khalifahklothing’ was the largest muslim channel on youtube, do pray it gets re instated as soon as possible!

  28. fathima says:

    Alhamdulillah….. Jazakallahu khair…

  29. muhammad says:

    i dont know why but showing video as private cant play very nice wanted to watch it a second time

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