Dr. Israr Ahmed’s Services and Contributions to Quranic Studies

Nouman Ali Khan


Dr. Israr Ahmed is a famous Pakistani Islamic scholar who advocated the revival of Islamic faith among Muslims in order to bring a stable Islamic society. In this lecture Nouman Ali Khan discusses his contributions towards the explanation of the Quran.

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8 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – Dr. Israr Ahmed’s Services and Contributions to Quranic Studies ”

  1. Maliha says:

    Mashallah,i learn alot from watching on youtube jazakAllah khair

  2. sumeet says:

    Brother Nouman talked about one aspect of this incredible scholars life,the other aspect i.e. his political views are also what this Muslim ummah sorely needs to be put into action ..his views on Khilafah and emanicipation of the Muslim masses..exctly the two pronged approach -guidance from the Quran and firm establishment of the Deen..unfortunately we have scholars focussing on either aspect and not both..may Allah grant him firdaws!we need more people like you Dr. sahib!

  3. Saleem says:

    You have explained very briefly the accomplishments of Dr Israr. May Allah give you reward for this.
    There is wealth of knowledge of Quraan on http://www.tanzeem.org

  4. saim says:

    May Allah Bless u Man

  5. Jia says:

    the video isnt playing?? y is that so.. brothers please consider this

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