I want to have/drink/take SexAlcoholDrugsParty and also go to Heaven

Nouman Ali Khan

24 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – I want to have/drink/take SexAlcoholDrugsParty and also go to Heaven ”

  1. Allah's Servant says:

    beautiful, it really helps us in answering some questions that Muslims are asked many times. JzkAllah Khyrun.

  2. maryum says:

    beautiful just beautful and absolutely amazing! Nouman Ali Khan is just. awesome. everything.. just hits the mark! the one thing we need to think;; know about!

  3. abdisalam says:

    mansha allah
    this is verygood and helpfull.

  4. Mufleh says:

    Most excellent points, re-energizes the ‘wake up’ call.

    But the show should get a straighter chair so the guest can sit more upright.

  5. allah knows best says:

    marsahallah, many vaild point. well explained…

  6. muslimgal says:

    SubhanAllah.. a good wake up call..jazakallah khair

  7. Reza says:

    I swear, im gonna kiss this guy ocne I see him.

  8. Farhad says:


    This is excellent material for the 99%. We need so much more of this type of material. Alhamdulillah.

    We need a da’iya program with material like this.


  9. MAZ says:

    Awesome lecture. BR.Nouman covered essential points very well. Jazakallah

  10. songul says:

    Mashaallah. He points out very crucial aspects of life and death. Brief but deep summary of Islam. Jazak Allahu Khairan

  11. Uzma says:

    MashaAllah, an excellent talk. Br. Nouman has been blessed with eloquency and really is inspiring in the way he advises. JazakAllah. Deen Show, keep it up!

  12. M says:

    This was amazing. It actually made me cry. I posted it on my Facebook and here’s what a couple of my Muslim friends had to say:

    “This is absolutely amazing”

    “not necessarily emotional to the point of tears haha nothing wrong with that though, but it really did make me think and serves as a great reminder as to what our purpose really is.”

    One of my Hindu friends also watched this and said:

    ” thanks for posting this up, i really enjoyed listening to this…very inspirational and uplifting. I really felt the strength that came out of the last portion in regards to waking up, very strong message in that.”

  13. urooj says:

    SubhanAllah, may Allah shower swt’s blessings on bro Nouman so ppl from all over the world get to know true colors/guidance of ISLAM. JAK

  14. Mahmud says:

    “But the show should get a straighter chair so the guest can sit more upright.”

    I disagree. The chair gives a more comfortable and homely feel towards viewers perhaps. Being stiff may lessen that.

  15. naurah says:

    MasyaAllah..this is my first deen show! and i love it! beautiful explanation from akh Nouman..jazakallah khayran.

  16. What says:

    Why does it say jesus was his messenger at the beginning of the show? I mean you say Muhammad salla Allah aleihy wasalam was his messenger very soon into the show, it’s just quite misleading.

  17. yasmin says:

    but it does makes sense too. it also attracts the non muslims. its not like its false. Jesus WAS the messenger of Allah. the song goes on for MUHAMMAD, MOSES, NOAH, ABRAHAM

  18. nairamsha says:


    How can I download this video….???

  19. Jumana1982 says:

    MashaAllah…he always finds the right words

  20. Jilani says:

    the video is not available please upload it again

  21. hajira says:

    Amazing lecture mashallh may Allah reward him for his work. he is truely inspiration

  22. Qaisar Khan says:

    wow, lots of my friends did ask similar questions and its answered very well in this show, highly recommend this.

  23. dadir says:


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