Is there hope for one who commits zina?

Nouman Ali Khan

15 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – Is there hope for one who commits zina? ”

  1. Tahsin says:

    Allah protect us from bad. may he keep us on good and pure. light and beauty. and truth.

  2. Farhad says:

    Excellent for the 99% of the Muslims. Great reminder, very eloquent and clear.

  3. omar says:

    beautifully articulated and compassionately addressed. Allah bless Nouman and the host for addressing an issue of central importance to the youth here in America.

  4. Kwame Madden says:

    May Allah bless you brother Nouman for your explanation.

  5. faredah osman says:

    subhanallah, walhamdulillah… true and so clear. Life is simple….follow sunnah rasul n the sermons n hadiths….we will never go wrong…thnx u n i trule enjoyed this video

  6. muneer says:

    where is the video. i dont see the link.

  7. Mansoor says:

    very beautifull talked and covered all aspects wid psychologically and practical xamples and xplanations ..

    my Q is .. ALLAH SWT has ordered for a punishment … u cant go and define deen beyond His orders and confinemnts .. the punishment tht is 100 lashes Publicly for unmarried person in this case… why did u hide this STRONG AUTHENTIC HADEES AND PUNISHMENT from ALLAH SWT ???


  8. tabib says:


    Very good topic mashAllah. However please dont bring the ‘the deen show’ in the middle of a conversation, its hard to concentrate when that comes again and again. Please dont get me wrong I am just trying to make these more user friendly.

  9. Sana says:

    Salam Alaikum. Why the heck is there an advert for “soccor star” on this website with a barely dressed lady displaying her body?

    I’m a woman by the way and you (the owners of this site) should really do something about these adverts.

  10. Jilani says:

    Can you please re upload the video is no longer available.

  11. M Ahmad Hassan says:

    Most of the video’s On this www aint available now :'( please be kind enough again to reupload!!

  12. Ayesha says:

    moment the lecture was over the first thing i did was share the message to all my friends…..may allah bless nouman brother…….very eye opening message….

  13. adib says:

    Subhana;lllah i think my life mite have changed… subhhannallah ive gotta get that this life is short sucked in my head n rush through repentence

  14. yasmin says:

    Mashaallah.. Amazingly put

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