Modesty & Shame

Nouman Ali Khan

9 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – Modesty & Shame ”

  1. Sis Anis says:

    MashaAllah, jazakallah khayran for this lecture..

  2. Mahfuz Raihan says:

    MashaAllah…great lecture..

  3. m.ashafaq says:

    Masha”Allah,I have stumbled upon your lectures recently and it’s refreshing to see a young brother deliver the message of Islam the way It’s meant to be simple,factual,and to the point,thank you,may Allah(set)reward you and your family for your effort.

  4. Syed Masiur Rahman says:

    May Allah bless the brother and his family. May Allah give us the blessing to implement the lessons learnt from his lectures.

  5. sister in islam says:

    Mashallah thank you so much for halal tube, we just came across it while searching for educational materials, for my children, but found a valuable education for myself…
    I would ask if there is a site aimed at younger students asalam alaikom wa rahmatallah wa barakat allah

  6. Hope says:

    subhana Allah,this brother is right. shamelessness does not only destroy the life of the person who engages in it. It destroys the life of random victims: the other partner and the children. Take advice from this brother before shamelessness destroys your home. It is scary but it is reality. I am a living example. After more than 10 years of wishful thinking and hope for my partner to give up shamelessness, I am getting a divorce to save my 2 children and myself.

    Jazaka Allah Brother

  7. Abdullah says:

    Jazakallahu Khayran Nouman Bhai, please pray for me to face reality and save my face in akhirah, ameen.

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