My Favorite Dua in the Quran

Nouman Ali Khan

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17 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – My Favorite Dua in the Quran ”

  1. Zubair says:

    JazakAllah …

  2. ayan says:

    mansha allah

  3. yasin says:

    this is amazing lesson sheikh but i have a question for you.

  4. Bushra says:

    Brother Nouman, where did you learn arabic from?

  5. Mustafa kamal khan says:

    mashallah Allah SWT bless you

  6. mashalaah
    it made me realize
    all my mistakes

  7. Fatima says:

    Your mother and father are the luckiest parents on this earth. You are a role model for all the youth who have nothing to proud off. They have no leader to lead them. Please continou we all need you.

  8. anjum farooq says:


  9. Suan says:

    Masha Allah.

    here is the du3a:

  10. l.m.nazer says:

    maasha allah the depth and understanding and the will to act on the lecture is tremendous .may allah guide us to be steadfast in implementing the decision made when hearing the lecture.

  11. saifudeen says:

    mashallah,may allah give us the ability to learn arabic and the oppurtunity.

  12. saifudeen says:

    mashallah and alhamdulillaH

  13. faduma says:

    i learned things that i didn’t know

  14. Ammo says:

    i cant see the link related the related topic here =/

  15. zainab says:

    I wish if could download the lectures

  16. sundas says:

    mashAllah made my day

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