Our Legacy for the Next Generation: Doubt?

Nouman Ali Khan

6 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – Our Legacy for the Next Generation: Doubt? ”

  1. a fan says:

    thank you and thank you for exposing this truth about doubts among youths. It does make sense and no wonder why i tend to be so doubtful about Islam and all. In fact, i’m seeing that the successful non-muslims are practising sunnah while the muslims are doubtful about the sunnah and even argue it!

    From now i’m gonna keep practising the qur’an and sunnah.

    and thank you thank you so much for concern on us! its so thought provoking – keep up the good work and plz make islam easy for us to understand

    thank you!

  2. Truthdigger says:

    Allahu AKbar!, we need to hear more of topics like this one! this is an amazing lecture!

  3. Kamal says:

    Assalamu alaikum

    This Brother is fantastic Macha Allah.

    Please keep posting his videos

  4. Niamatullah says:

    Asalam U Alaikum,

    thanks from ur nice and good e-mail.


  5. Husain says:

    The points regarding children are valid but failure to recognise the difference between “petty differences” and the dire need for scholastic disputation against genuine firaq al-batilah (misguided groups) leaves the viewers with an impression that any scholar who speaks out against a fitnah is wrong simply for speaking out. This is an especially sad approach since some of the most toxic shakk-gerenating fitnas in Islam is (and will be) emerging from North America.

  6. J says:

    Wow, Subhan-Allah. This is the second lecture of his that I have listened to…amazing stuff, Al-hamdu lillah.

    After listening to this lecture I hope to change my own attitude insha-Allah. I argue wayyyyy too much.

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