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Nouman Ali Khan

7 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – Qur’an & Daily Life ”

  1. shahriar says:

    Salam brother
    I dont wanna offened anyone but I just wanted to know why you have an ad of scientology.org right underneath the lecture.

  2. Akhee says:

    shahriar – get firefox and then get adblock

  3. Islaam Fanatic says:

    I second what Akhee said!

  4. question says:

    salam alykum jazakum allah 5airan for the inspiring lecture.

    please if any brother or sister noticed the name of the scholar that br. nouman ali mentioned at 13:25-13:33 minutes. please i’d really appreciate it.

    thanks alot.

  5. FK says:

    jzkk akhee,it worked.Alhamdulillah

  6. Anonymous says:

    The scholar quoted, I believe, is the late Shah Waliullah (R), from the Indian sub-continent.

  7. Delwar Mian says:

    ma sha Allah, so much inspiring speech by Br. Nouman. I wish someday insha Allah, I would meet with him. May Allah give him hayaatan tayyebah, and may Allah give us ability to benefit from his speeches. Ameen, ya rabbal ‘alaameen.

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