Ramadan and the Quran

Nouman Ali Khan


Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan discusses the importance of Ramadan and the love for the Quran during this month. This talk was held at Islamic Center of Irving, TX on June 16th 2012.

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13 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan and the Quran ”

  1. salsabeel says:

    Mashallah excellent lecture

  2. awn says:

    SubhanAllah, makes me want to learn tafseer and stories of the Quran!

  3. fayyazoddin says:

    Masha Allah amazing explaination about, Ramadan,Taqwa and Dua
    Jazak Allah Khiaran

  4. مزمل الدادابهاي says:

    بارك الله فيه – May ALLAAH bless him. Great lecture as usual . . .

    . . . the hanging blue ornament was a tad bit funny though, haha. Might wanna reconsider that one! 😎

    جزاه الله خيرا – May ALLAAH bless the brother/sister who put the video together!

  5. Arif Arshad says:

    By the grace of Allah I was able to watch this video and learned a lot .
    Thz to the speaker for sharing very insightful knowledge about Ramadan.
    And how Ramadan is to be spent..

  6. hayaat09 says:

    مشاالله A clear understanding…

  7. frank abdul says:

    may Allah preserve and have mercy on all our knowledgeable muslims and guide all muslims to the full understanding of the quran .ameeeen ya rab

  8. Zainab Fida Ahsan says:

    summa ameen !

  9. Ghaznavi says:

    Mashallah excellent lecture as always .jaz kmallah khir

  10. farah says:

    mashallah v.v.nice and jazaqallah khair

  11. Maryum says:

    may allah guide us all, and Callahan we all may seek forgiveness this ramadan. Ameen

  12. MashAllah.May Allah bless and protect you.

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