Reflections on Surah Hadeed, Ayah 16

Nouman Ali Khan

10 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – Reflections on Surah Hadeed, Ayah 16 ”

  1. Abd Rahman says:

    Very beautiful lecture. May Allah (swt) bless brother Nouman and increase him in knowledge.

    Halal Tube guys get us more of his lectures.

    Brothers and sisters listen carefully and try to implement what you learn in your lives

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  3. mahmood khan says:

    excellent topic and very pragmatic approach. Unfortunately the audio quality not ideal as the volume was muffled . Also Br Nouman appeared to race against time as he was speaking quite rapidly .When we capture an audience invariably we are handicapped by time constraints ,I believe it is better to engage in a cognitive behaviour pattern where there would be be more interaction with the audience .I appreciate it is very difficult to quote the relevant verses and then follow up with contemporary issues.Perhaps the topics should be staggered .With due respect once again,whilst I enjoyed listening ,I felt the message was being put though a sieve .

  4. Pyaro says:

    he keeps repeating his sentences twice all thru the lecture,
    and the lecture has very little to do with Hadeed ( Iron)

  5. AdenAbyan1200 says:

    Ameen Ukhi Nouman always a sincere worker for the ummah Alhumduillah
    What he said is true Ive taught kids for many years and the parents are not interested in saving their children from the fire
    When the muslims are fighting with each other over rubbish its because they are not worshipping Allah as they should and the way to keep the youth connected with Islam is through educating them about our Izzah and just being their friends giving them some positive attention some self worth cause our youth are bleeding inside .

  6. AdenAbyan1200 says:

    The parents are interested if the child gets an award for Quran and especially secular studies [ this is tops ] or is placed in a gifted childrens class blah blah blah meanwhile the poor girl is a nervous reck from all the pressure put on her , shes not relaxed shes in jail but mama and baba can’t even see it cause their living the American dream wow

  7. Oh man. Am I the only one that finds this whole thing is crazy?

  8. zain says:

    Nouman Ali Khan is the boss ! Ameen to all of the adua, and may allah give him the best in this world and the hereafter. If you ever meet him, he is the most down to earth, and chill person, you wouldn’t even believe it

    All love

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