Sexual Desires

Nouman Ali Khan

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  1. DC says:

    Tell it brother!

  2. Diyana Abdullah says:

    Alhamduillah, Bro Nouman’s great understanding of the deen is due to the fact that he always, always, connects it the QURAN. Quran is our success. May Allah Al Mumin grant us the knowledge too, ameen and bless him and his family immensely, ameen.

  3. rabia says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Good Lecture. But isn’t there nafs so even if someone has a good heart there would be some kind of attraction?

    • ibraheem says:

      Yes, even a good heart feels the pull from the nafs. The way I’ve understood it is that human nature has inclinations towards good and evil. The purpose of life is to fortify good nature as much as possible and suppress the evil nature as much as possible. And that is a daily struggle that we must endure until the last breath…and insha Allah after that, by the mercy of our Creator, its gatorade swimming pools and cotton candy clouds and flying against a blue raspberry sky and playing hide and seek in a 400 room mansion…its soooo totally worth it to control the nafs just for a few earthly years

      • maryam says:

        MashAllah brother you could have said it better.May Allah help us all.

      • maryam says:

        I mean u could not have said that better.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you for the response.

      • Anonymous says:

        Is what Nouman said wrong when he said in the video, “You know a good heart when it sees something inappropriate that doesn’t coincide with the commandments of Allah it is disturbed it’s not attracted it’s disturbed”? Because we have nafs and nafs varies for every person.

        • zebram says:

          Well, yes, but along with the attraction will be a sense of disturbance. both are present, and the disturbance will cause you to turn away.

      • fatimah says:

        @ ibrahim…you have the right idea and very well said! MA

    • ikroum says:

      Indeed, Shaytan attacks your nafs

  5. Aneesh Koya says:

    Jazzakallah Khair
    Good lecture Brother Nouman.
    I would like to see you in India for a lecture tour.
    May Allah Azzawajjal bless you and your family.
    May Allah unite us all in Jannah along with our beloved Nabi Muhammed Sallallahu Allayhi Wasallam.

  6. Rimzan says:

    InshaAllah Bro! We hope to see you in Sri Lanka…

  7. THANSEER says:

    Ma sha allah great…thought provoking…done simply n effectively…jazakallah

  8. Mariame says:

    Masha Allah very good lecture I really enjoyed it. I wish that this type of subjects should be discussed more to help people controle their nafs.

  9. Sajeda says:

    @ Ibraheem
    “…and insha Allah after that, by the mercy of our Creator, its gatorade swimming pools and cotton candy clouds and flying against a blue raspberry sky and playing hide and seek in a 400 room mansion…its soooo totally worth it to control the nafs just for a few earthly years…”
    This made me smile. Just sayin…

  10. Suheil Ehmad says:

    Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan.Salaam Alaykum. I try never to miss your lectures and have heard a lot of them which has lead me to a better dignified life. I am interested in learning Quranic Arabic. Please brother guide me to the website where I can.. May Allah Ta’ala Bless you and your family. Aameen.
    Suheil Ehmad

  11. Syd says:

    Please go on PeaceTV brother Nouman!!

    May Allah guide the Muslim on the right path, and keep us away from the path of those whom have earned his anger and gone astray.

  12. dr.Naziruddin says:


  13. jazzakalu kayran Brother! I pray that inshaalah you will visit philippines 2 share ur knowledge..ur such a GREAT MAN…

  14. Very beautiful lecture and well delivered too. May Allah give us the grace to overcome the desire

  15. Naila says:

    i want to listen noman ali khan’s lectures but i can not access them as youtube is blocked. can someone please tell me how can i get access?

  16. assalam says:

    mashallah very nice lecture. may allah bless u 4 ur efforts. ameen. plz give a lecture on how to balance deen and education coz im tangled in btween

  17. sadman says:

    i cant watch any video..why? i dont understant

  18. alkalaam says:

    Masha Allah great work

  19. Ashraff says:

    Thanks for this advice and lecture..

  20. melzo says:

    Jazzakallah Khairan

    Assalamoalejkom from Turkey, perfect determinations. This examination of Dunja is realy harsh, please let us pray for each other all together! May our Duas protect us from the threat of even eye zina.

  21. in need says:

    Iam a perspn who recently got divorced. I miss having sex and I would like to know if masturbating is allowed so that I might keep myself under control?

  22. Nihal says:

    How can I completely grab my mind frm such thinking

  23. Sara says:

    Enjoy Amazing Halal Sex is a great sex guide that I found very useful as a married woman. I Highly recommend it for married Muslims. It was nice to find a Halal sex guide that shows Muslims how to enjoy a blessing of Allah and read about what we can do as Muslims as opposed to all the can’ts

  24. Shah says:

    I actually saw this book on u tube and bought it. It’s definitely ONLY for married couples. Unmarried brothers & sisters stay away from this book. The book shows great ways how married couples can enjoy the joys of marriage. As a husband, it was an eye opener as it showed me how different women are, to us men , in terms of sexually pleasing them.
    Women truly are complicated lol

  25. noura says:

    I just saw the u tube video via Shah. It’s disgusting that a muslim woman would write such a book on a subject like this. We must warn brothers and sisters away from such books.

  26. Irfan says:

    I’m sorry sister but I disagree. This book Enjoy Amazing Halal Sex allowed me to understand how to satisfy my wife, how to fulfill her desires as a husband. It has made me a better husband and what’s wrong with Enjoying great sex within the boundaries of marriage?

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