Teaching Islam to our Children

Nouman Ali Khan


How can we sustain and improve teaching Islam to our children in the modern world and western society?

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5 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – Teaching Islam to our Children ”

  1. Diyana Abdullah says:

    Alhamduillah, another amazing advice from Bro.Nouman. May Allah swt guide us to guide our children, ameen. He is a successful muslim cos he always, always connects his life the QURAN. May Allah swt reward him and his family immensely in this world and the hereafter, ameen. The lecture he recommended by Bro Hesham is at : http://www.kalamullah.com/hesham-alawadi.html

  2. Amna Zaidi says:

    As always amazing. Love his lectures. May Allah keep him sincere to Islam and he continues to deliver the quran in such a wonderful way that opens our heat and mind. May Allah reward him for his efforts.

  3. Qaiser Ali Khan says:

    An other truth from our society, now a days only media and our schools are teaching our children. parent have no time to spent with their children. so please listen to him. and prey that we love the human not the material. May allah reward him for a wonderful lecture.

  4. Afshan says:

    I was just advising my daughter to become a doctor and I needed to hear this to keep balance of what is really important. Jazak Allah Khair, Bro Nouman.

  5. nusrat says:

    May Allah Subhanau wa tala shower his umpteen blessings upon you and your family. Your bayans are so amazing ,it just touches our hearts .I pray sincerely that May Allah help us all raise ourselves and our children closer to him through his wors, Quran… Thank you !!

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