The Coherence of the Qur’anic Message

Nouman Ali Khan


The relationship between Islam and the West is the topic of ongoing debate, often depicted as a choice between two disparate worlds: the modern West with science and secular education, or Islam with Qur’anic based education characterized by orthodoxy and tradition. In the hope of promoting dialogue instead of polarization, Nouman Ali Khan searches for the ideas and ideals of education, schooling and learning within Islam. Wherever knowledge and learning have blossomed, education, schooling and teaching must have flourished too. Was not an educational culture part of the highly developed intellectual culture of classical Islam? Hermeneutics and the theory of interpretation offers an inspiring perspective on an education that strikes the balance between tradition and the future. What is the future of Qur’anic education in a modern context?

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  1. multi colour says:

    Oh my God, I have been thinking the exact things. Your made to feel like you are so bad, that u might as well give up.

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