The Quran’s Universal Message

Nouman Ali Khan

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  1. Tural says:

    Salam Aleikom Nouman Ali Khan.
    Watched some of your video lectures, Jazakom ALLAH u Khaira.
    Have few questions about some verses from Qur’An that were not (as per the Linguistic and Scientific meanings) interpreted and Tafseer Ed fully.
    Such as Ayah 31 of Soorah Al Ra’d, Soorah 71 of Soorah Al Bagarah (The Tafseer that we have raed at the Official Website of Turkish Religious Affairs Ministry),Ayah 96 Of Soorah Ta Ha and many others as well as the Horoof Al Mokatta’a like Alif Laam Meem and Especially Noon.
    Have you had such thoughts about, “to Hy some Ayahs were kind of changed in their Interpretation or some were kind of misdirected and some were changed in their consistency in one or another Soorah”?
    If you are having such thoughts and Inspiration s we could talk about some of those Trues.
    Sorry for such a sudden and direct message.
    Wa Assalamu Aleikom Was Rahmat ALLAH I Was Barakatohoo

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