Time, Love, Praise and Encouragement in Relationships

Nouman Ali Khan

10 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – Time, Love, Praise and Encouragement in Relationships ”

  1. ibn aman says:

    Mashallah good speech, but when the speaker say the familly problems in the muslim world and “modern” world are not different, I felt like as there are no muslims in the “modern” world or as all the muslim famillies in the western countries are not part of the the modern world.

    • sara alqera says:

      ASA…this is so good as if you’ve taken out words from my mouth….jazakAllah. I think we shud stop complaining…n just leave everything to Allah n we’ll get what we deserve…:)thankyou so much.

  2. Naznin says:


  3. kishwar says:

    mashaAllah mashaAllah….
    Brother Nouman may Allah bless u with a long, pious and healthy life and may we gather these pearls of your precious advice for as long as we live…. u r a gift for all the muslims around the world from Allah (Swt). May Allah always be with you and give u the best of both the worlds.
    Jazak Allahu Khairan ya akhi

  4. Hormah says:


  5. Sim says:

    Maasha Allah. Very good one.

  6. Shahana Parvin Shila says:

    MashaAllah !

  7. nadia says:

    really good mashallah jazakallah khayran

  8. Muhammad Khursand says:

    Jazakallah, May Allah keep all of us on sirat-e-Mustaqim.

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