Watch Your Tongue

Nouman Ali Khan

9 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – Watch Your Tongue ”

  1. hamda says:


    That was a very good reminder to watch our tongues

  2. hamda says:


    That was a very good reminder to watch our tongues..

  3. umm umar says:

    Alhamdulillah, I really enjoy brother nouman’s talks. He is down to earth and can really connect with those of us born and brought up in the west. The topic is very relevant and important.

  4. Mrs Saif says:

    Mashallah … Thankyou so much brother to remind not to misuse Allah Swt wonderful gift Tongue. Your speech opened my eyes.

  5. Thank you for you nice speech.It hep me a lot in my life. I have a question ?
    How can i motivate someone , do not want to listen abot anything i want to say about islam.

  6. Snigdha Tiash says:

    Assalumualikum. Thank you brother Nouman Ali Khan as he explained 49:11 so nicely and remind the importance of controlling the tongue. Pray for ma as I can remember and maintain this forever. I need to repent to Allah as I was not concern about what I skoke, the way I spoke. Praying for all the Muslim people all over the world–as we can remember this line of holy Quran. Ameen.

  7. Maria Khan says:

    wow! this is amazing.. so nicely explained.. mashallah

  8. umm abdulhadi says:

    A very good reminder ,May Allah Give me and all of us the Tawfeeq to control our tongue.ameen

    May Allah sw reward Brother Nouman for the woderful speech.

  9. malika el aadnani says:

    JazakAllahokheir Nouman, keep up the good work too !

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