Who Are the People of Taqwa?

Nouman Ali Khan

13 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – Who Are the People of Taqwa? ”

  1. suha cassim says:

    alhamdullilha thank you for all the speakers, what a feast marshallah.

  2. mahmood khan says:

    Masha Allah .This khutba really has started my day today,being Friday .Very inspiring very informative .So different from the monotonous tales of the past .Here is something contemporary based on the revelation of a fourteen centuries ago and yet so relevant.Nouma is cool.Alhamdolillah he engages the young and the old and the very old. Yet all this talk is based on a sura from Al Imran .Yet again a banquet from the Qura’n.

  3. sister says:

    mashallah …very beautiful lecture!!!…the recording too is very clear…barakallahufeekum

  4. haris says:

    that looks like a really nice masjid

  5. imran says:

    i wish i could live in Anaheim, California….Canada is really cold

  6. Delwar Mian says:

    subhaanallah, everytime, I listen to this brother’s khubah or any speech, it is just inspiring. We all must listen to this khutbah and internalize this, I ask Allah’s forgiveness, and His giving ability to us all to apply this in our life. Ameen.

  7. syed junaid says:

    bro Nauman may Allah reward you man you have rekindled a feeling of Iman and taqwa in the heart. Jazakullah khair

  8. Fathima Zahan says:

    Masha Allah, may Allah grant you good health and long life so that many more generations to come will benefit from you!While watching your videos, i make it a point to have notepad and a pen with me.Jazakallah khair, we are very proud of muslims like you people.

  9. shakila says:

    masha’allah very inspiring din’t want be finished
    Iwant more talk like this…

  10. sarah says:

    Asalaam aleikum
    ilove brother Ali Khan&the way he alz articurates the ayas of Quran .May Allah give us MORE Wisdom to understand Quran&our kids masAllah

  11. Spencer says:

    I listened to this guy for a sometime, i got to admit, he very articulate in his preachings, he is good at getting and keeping your attention throughout his lectures. that’s a good quality.

  12. Aamir says:

    Mashallah very inspiring

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