Why Should I Believe in God?

Nouman Ali Khan

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  1. Abdul Jaleel says:

    Alhamdulillah, Br. Nouman Ali Khan connects the present situation to answer the question.If we ponder over Allah’s signs (from the atom to the universe) that is science.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I sometimes questioned if Allah has ever listened to me, but I realize now that if I am alive, happy and healthy, Allah has listened to me, and Allah is real. I love being a Muslim because there are so many good, strict beliefs, and I don’t care what other people talk about.

  3. Yusuf says:

    To be fair, he doesn’t answer the question.

  4. Uzma says:

    Br Nouman has been blessed with eloquence of speech.

  5. mike says:

    Why is this guy even speaking ? he tries to prove the existince of allah by drawing an analogy between camel manure and the existince of god . then he tells us about something that cant be proven like a soul ,then he wants us to believe we had a soul that talked to god and came back in us when we were in our mothers womb,conveniently we dont recall this incident. someone also needs to inform this speaker ‘house’ is a show ,not a rigid firm science conclusion process. many times we are told science confirms religion,but that it isnt the case. science accept the process of evolution when speaking of life,in islam if you accept evolution you are a kafir.you cant have it both ways ,if it helps anyone ,religion and science isnt the same,nor do they confirm eachother ,they arent compatible(even though you will hear it is 1000s of times if your a muslim).let people who adhere to a certain religion ,teach it ,and let people of science explain the science. its unjust to speak about science as a confirmation of religion when the contrary is true .

    • Avil says:

      Actually, evolution and the quran do not contradict each other, infact the early evolution theories were made by Muslims in the 8th-13th century. Quran does not contradict science, if anything it supports it.

    • Aamir says:

      listen again this guy is very good and smart

  6. mohammed says:

    Listen mike he just gave an example of the Arabs, and there are many other signs

  7. ayaan says:

    So Mike if there is no science in Islam then why is it when if read the Quran or hadith i learn scientific statements and when i inquire abut them and ask about NON MUSLIMS if those statement are true and they say yes so if Islam and science are separate then why does it contain facts that were found out less than a 100 years ago??? People are so quick to say that science only thing people should believe in when you look deeper you will find thing that don’t work with the laws of science so why are people so quick to trust it and even the people who teach it to you? I’m not saying that science should be dismissed however I am saying that people should not be quick to trust theories that they have been changing for centuries and ask yourself when you will meet your Lord on the day of Judgement what your excuse is? is it i put my faith in other peoples words than yours? and as for the people of science do you take them as your God because whether your an atheist or not you will have to put your faith in someone and for for your sake i pray that its Allah so May Allah help you. Ameen.

  8. is thi all in the quran , each and every detail

  9. the part when u said that rooh met allah before being sent down to earth, i cant find it in the quran, can u tell in which surah and verse it is in. please its urgent

  10. Riyaz says:

    Not that impressive. For good insights into the topic please have a look at this book. http://cpsglobal.org/content/god-arises-0

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