Now you can rate comments!

Alhamdulillah! We have added a “Digg-like” feature to our comments. Now you can rate comments with either a “thumb up” or “thumb down” adding or reducing 1 point respectively.
rate-comments.jpgThe image to the left of this is what it looks like next to each comment.  Look out for more features coming soon, inshaAllah!

Until next update, listen to lectures and comment on them!


Halal Tube Team

2 Responses to “ Now you can rate comments! ”

  1. Majed Jarrar says:

    mashaAllah, I just stumbled upon this site.

    jazakom Allah khayran, may Allah reward you on behalf of every single visitor to this site.

  2. Allaahu akbar! This site is amazing, organised and very well presented, maasha’allah. I pray Allah rewards all those who are involved in making this happen…amin

    …Jazaak allaahu khayrn

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