Obedience from Love of Allah

Nouman Ali Khan

11 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – Obedience from Love of Allah ”

  1. Pathan says:

    says “error opening file” plz fix it. JazakAllah

  2. naa says:

    culture and religion don’t go together, never did and never will.. ppl listen to this its an awesome lecure subhanAllah!

  3. Pathan says:

    subhanAllaah gr8 khutbah.must listen for everyone!

  4. Anis says:

    As salaamu alaikum,

    Does anyone know which verses the brother used in this amazing khutbah? Jazaakumullah khair.

  5. Usmaan says:

    AssalamuAlaikum Anis,

    I think the main passage in the Brother’s Khutba is from about 2:164 to 2:170.

    Allah Knows Best.

    Ma’as Salaam.

  6. Anis says:

    Jazaakallah khair

  7. Anis says:

    As salaamu ‘alaikum,

    From the khutbah: to know Allah is to love Allah swt. My question is, what are the ways we can use to know Allah swt? Jazaakumullah khair.

  8. Nur Ain says:

    assalamualaikum Anis

    In order to know Allah we have to know His Names and Attributes. Not just knowing them by heart, but to actually feels it in our lives.

  9. Abdullah says:

    Culture and Islam aren’t at opposite poles. Islam is more of a filter; it purifies culture by allowing that which is not harmful, and prohibiting that which is harmful.

    Remember, that if something is haraam, there is always a harm in it that we can’t always perceive. There is always wisdom behind it, and who is wiser than Allah?

    May Allah make the path of Halal easy for us, and keep us well-guided.

  10. Zainab says:

    SubhaanAllahi ww Behamdihi, SubhaanAllahil Adheem… 🙂

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