The Wahhabis

Okasha Kameny


There are some who call certain people “wahhabis”. Who are they and what his the history behind them? This is one perspective given by Imam Okasha Kameny.

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14 Responses to “ Okasha Kameny – The Wahhabis ”

  1. mental possibility says:

    To say that Nuh was the first messenger is to say that adam and his children did not know what was halal and haram. This saying is based on misunderstanding a hadith. Adam was the first messenger. That’s why it was known to them that when one son of adam killed the other, that this was haram. Haram and halal are not known without a messenger.

    • Muhsin says:

      Adam alayhissalam was a Prophet, but not a Messenger.

    • Musa Bah says:

      Well a prophet or messenger is sent to people who associate partner with Allah, and not to people who are pure… Adam A.S was with his children n grandchildren n he served as a guidance but as generation followed, some started losing Tawheed n then it was necessary to send a prophet among them n that’s Nooh A.S…

  2. Nausheen Jamal says:

    “O Allaah bestow your blessings on our Shaam. O Allaah bestow your blessings on our Yemen.” The people said, “O Messenger of Allaah, and our Najd.” I think the third time the Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, said, “There (in Najd) will occur earthquakes, trials and tribulations, and from their appears the Horn of Satan.”

    Reported in al-Bukhaaree [Book of Trials, Chpt. ‘The afflictions will come from the East’ 9/166 no. 214 Eng. Trans]

    The Arabic word used in the above Hadith is Qarnush Shaitaan, which normally means the horn of Shaitaan. But the ‘Misbahul Lughaat’, a dictionary printed in Deoband has the following meaning: “One who follows the advice of Shaitaan.” (Misbahul Lughaat, pp/663). Thus we learn that a Najdi/Wahhabi group will emerge, as pointed out by Rasoolullah (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) and this group will follow the advice of Shaitaan (Shaitaan refuses to respect Prophets and Saints, remember his refusal to bow to Hazrat Adam (Alayhi Salaam) is mentioned in the Quran. It will create havoc in the Muslim world. We are now witnessing the emergence of the Wahhabis who, with the assistance of petrodollars, are sweeping the Muslim world and are bribing them into accepting Wahhabism as the official version of Islam.

    Wahhabism is a disease but so many are misled into believing that it is curing the Ummah of Shirk, Kufr and Bidah. It is being portrayed as a revivalist movement. This is against the Ahadith. Looking at the geographical position of Najd, it lies to the East of Medina. The Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) pointed towards the East and said:
    “There, that is the direction from where Fitna will emerge

    • sobiaa\ says:

      biased n incorrect deductions of ahadith sister

    • ebubekr says:

      you are misinformed and misleading people, there is no WAHABISM, first of all, SHEYK ABDULWAHAB born in SYRIA, he was raised in HANBELI school, suud came 150 years after his death, who worked together with britisher…

      you havent read the nullifier of ISLAM? read its with proof.

      dont follow blindly anything…

      and again … about aqeedah you can read many other imams book, nobody is practicing WAHABISM, this is evil and falso, a muslim dont make falso accusation..

      WE ALL MUST FOLLOW ALLAH AND HIS RASOOL sav… learn ISLAM based what ALLAH and his RASOOL tought us, not somebody who innovated tons of new stuff…

      ma salam

  3. Nausheen Jamal says:


    It is reported in SAHIH BUKHARI from Hazrat Abu Said Khudri (Radiallhu Anhu) who narrates that:
    Once we were in the presence and company of the Holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam). He was distributing booties (Spoils of War) when a person named Zul-Khawaisara, who was from the tribe of Bani Tamim addressed the Holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) “Oh Muhammad Be Just!” “. The Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) replied: “A Great pity that you have doubts, if I am unjust then who will be just, you are a loser and a failure.” Zul-Khawaisara’s attitude infuriated Hazrat Umar (Radiallhu Anhu) and he pleaded with the Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) to permit him to slay Zul-Khawaisara. The Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) remarked: “Leave him, as his slaying will serve no good purpose, as he is not the only individual but there are a host of others like him and if you compare their prayers and fasting to that of yours, you yourself will feel ashamed. These are the people who will recite the Quran but it will not go beyond their throats, with all these apparent virtues they will leave the fold of Deen just like the arrow leaves the bow.

    • nisar ahmad says:

      ألسّلم على من إطّبع ألهدىBy resorting to -BUHTAAN- People who call themselves as Muslims – are intruding into the -Forbidden Areas — there by becoming -1)-Cannibals- and -2) donating their + credits to their Victims unsolicited—-A true Muslim -should follow Allah and His Rasool -only -as commanded by The LORD- Every one should take stock of his position -vis-a-vis- his Obligations to ALLAH—-3-WE, as, homo sapiens-are subject to errors -Our soft-ware needs continuous support – كلّ حذب بما لديهم فرحين — لكم دينكم ولي دين–فلا تذكّو أنفسكم هو أعلم من إهتدى
      There are 72 -Saaff-bandis -( Loyalty to groups at the risk of AAKHIRA )- in the great -Barrul-Sagheeri–( Indian peninsula- ) that are extremely happy with what they are having-+ their Borrowings from Greco-Roman- hindu- chinese-Majoosi-elixer mix of philosophes and never-ending internecine tiffs – و لقد ذراء ربّنا كثير من ٱلنّاس لجهنّم — حقّتْ كلمة ربّك لأملئنّ جهنّم من ألنّاس و ٱلجنّ أجمعين
      -We should Await for Allah’s judgement on our conflicts – for we are not authorized to give verdicts- based on -ZANN- إنّ ٱلظن لا تغني عن ألحق شياً -till then -it is – So long – Bye Bye- Tata etc– May The Good Lord bless and keep us- on the straight path –
      — — ألسّلم على من إطّبع ألهدى -كلّ حذب بما لديهم فرحين

  4. Nausheen Jamal says:


    Ali (Radiallhu Anhu) once narrated: “I swear by Allah that to fall from the sky to the Earth is very simple for me, but to utter one false word in reference to the Holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) is a very difficult and impossible task for me.”

    Ali(Radiallhu Anhu) then narrated as follows:

    “I heard the Holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) as saying that as the Day of Qiyamah approaches there will appear a group of youths with a low mental capacity and understanding, apparently they will talk of good but their Imaan will not go beyond their throat and they will leave the true Deen like an arrow leaves the prey. Wherever you find them, you should make Jihaad with them. ( Bukhari)

  5. Nausheen Jamal says:

    From the above hadith it is clear that these killers of Muslim will be from the Region of Najd , from the tribe of Bani Tamim ( prophet made both the prohecy) and they would recite quran ,but will not go below their throat , it means they will SHOW OFF in their ibadah and would consider muslims as inferior to them.

    If one does a simple analysis of history you will find that there was only one such man upon whom all this fits with no doubt. This man was IBN ABDUL WAHAB NAJDI AL TAMIMI.

    Ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhab belonged to the Bani Tamim tribe. He was born in Uyayna village near the town of Huraimila in the Najd Desert in 1111 A.H. (1699) and died in 1206 (1792).

    If some one wants to see how this man killed muslims , took their property and made a new sect called WAHABSIM , one must read the below linked article in detail


    Zul Khuwaisra – the man who showed so much disrespect to the Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) was from the tribe of Bani Tamim. The Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) foretold that the Wahhabi group who will cause much fitna, will be the off-springs of the above Munaafiq. Allama Dahlaan, the celebrated Historian of our era writes: “Zul Khuwaira was of the Banu Tamim tribe and so was Ibne Abdul Wahab Najdi.” (Addarus Sunniah, pp/51). These Ahadith certainly do not fit the Kharajees because they were not the off-springs of Bani Tamim

  6. Mostafa says:

    Hard to take anyone serious, when they don’t even know basic, grade-school grammar. It is:

    ” Wahhabis’ “, not ” Wahhabi’s “.

  7. Ahmad says:
    The attached video is a response to the ignorant fool Okasha kameni and everyone who agrees with his false and evil views . If these views are caused by mere ignorance , then may Allah guide ya’ll . Otherwise I say die in your rage because those from amongst the Muslims who will stick to the way of the salaf will always be present , because messenger of Allah (Sallaallahu’aleyhi Wassallam ) informed us that they will always be a group that will stick to what him and his companions were upon & that those who abandon them will not harm them . Muhamnmad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahaab’s works speak for themselves as his books are still present and still read & taught all over the world even with the presence of abundant falsehood . He taught what his righteous predecessors taught and was hated for it just like they were hated for speaking to truth and acting on it . They accused the prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu’aleyhi wassallam ) of being a magician and a poet when they knew with sure knowledge he was far from those things . They abused him and his companions but they remained patient until Allah granted them victory against their enemies and the enemies of the truth . Likewise the people of desires and falsehood of today are no different in their unity to fight salafiyyah, however they they will never harm salafiyyah or the Salafis except maybe some passing annoyance . In fact the only people who make fun or try to belittle the Muslims who chose by Allah’s mercy to stick to the path of our righteous predecessors are either the ignorant who are to be sincerely advised (and this is the majority of the people ), or deviants who belong to the 72 sects threatened with the fire of hell.

  8. says:

    ascww br, fear allaah and don’t insult your br in islam if he make mistake advise him

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