Nuh Ha Mim Keller – Orientalist Studies of Sufism

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Works on Sufism by orientalists can be recommended against without apology or reservation. For any analysis that subtracts the reality of God from the spiritual phenomena it seeks to explain will be little better than its premises, here meaning absolutely worthless. Absolutely worthless.

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  1. […] Originally Posted by adil_909 yes he does teach from a historical perspective but he is an expert on islam and has written countless books and articles about the topic. as i said he spent 10 years living in saudi arabia and conducting research there, he is fluent in arabic, and has studied the quran and teaches classes on it. he's spent his life studying islam and specifically how it has shaped saudi arabia and the middle east. perhaps you should no be so quick to discount someone's life's work without knowing anything about them? this is precisely the problem in pakistan as well, scholarship, research, and dedication mean nothing and hold virtually no value. regardless, you can check out his CV and decide for yourself about his merits: David Commins I suggest you to listen to Sheikh Nuh Mim keller. He is an ex-atheist American, attended U of Chicago etc. Nuh Ha Mim Keller – Orientalist Studies of Sufism | Halal Tube […]

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