Perfect Justice: Debunking the Male Bias Myth

Yasir Qadhi

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  1. ibn Khalid says:

    dont be ashamed of being muslim, be proud of your deen.

    • Muezza says:

      This is exactly why I didn’t convert to Islam. I am trying to learn about Allah but often I feel like what’s the point? I am a Westerner. That is the culture I was born into. How can I be Muslim when I was born in the west? According to all the speakers and scholars with so much anti-west speech…it would be impossible to be Muslim UNLESS I adopted an eastern culture and pretended to be something I never will be. Religion shouldn’t be about the culture, it should be about the word.

      This bothers me greatly because I feel this is very misleading. I am sick of being attacked based on my culture every time I try and learn about Islam or even enter my local Masjid. Yes, Western culture is imperfect. However, I can guarantee that the east is not perfect either.

      So many Muslims claim to want to share Islam because they find it to be WONDERFUL. My question is, how do you believe that you can educate people on Islam while at the same time saying “everything about you, your family and your upbringing is evil and disgusting”.

      Talk about approaches that are failing. Is this what Islam is about? Hating western culture?

      • Riyaz says:

        Muslims don’t define Islam my dear. Follow the word of Islam, don’t look at Muslims. We are a bunch of idiots filled with hatred.

      • ozod says:

        Islam is perfect. The lecture is definitely not “anti-west” lecture. He said right in the beginning that it’s a response to alligations. He is teaching us how to respond to alligations. It’s your choice. You don’t have to convert to Islam. Islam doesn’t need you, me the imams, or anyone else. Islam is perfect. We, the people need Islam.

  2. […] Re: who do you follow? I guess I fail to see what benefit methodology could do for laymen such as ourselves. By making Taqlid of Ashari/Maturdi you’re taking in some pretty complex, heavy handed, somewhat controversial details many of which can’t be summarized. I could understand if a scholar well-versed in Islamic scholarship and theology delved into that stuff, but I fail to see what usefulness such a HEAVY, controversial subject would be to laymen living in these times when 99% of the world populations couldn’t care less about theology. The era of theological debate which was prevalent amongst the Greek Byzantines/Mutazalite societies no longer exists. During those times many scholars basically used a lesser, minor biddah to combat the major biddah perpetuated by the Philosophers and the Mutazalites. The means the Muslim theologians used were controversial, but somewhat understandable given the immense power and violent methods the Muzalites employed at the time. So even though they may have played with fire; we can be sure that they were well-intentioned because it was done in order to combat the greater evil spread by the heretics. So InshAllah they will be forgiven for the unorthodox methods they had to use to combat the greater fitnah. But in today’s times there is no need for Muslims, especially laymen to burden ourselves with such a complex, controversial topic especially when we have so many bigger things to worry about and very few powerful people in this world place any emphasis on theology. So let’s just stick to the Qur’an and Sunnah and use these to unite and strengthen this weak, disunited Ummah. Sh. Yasir Qadhi deals with this topic in his lecture Perfect Justice Debunking the male bias myth lecture Yasir Qadhi – Perfect Justice: Debunking the Male Bias Myth | Halal Tube […]

  3. […] Qadhi deals with this topic in his lecture Perfect Justice Debunking the male bias myth lecture Yasir Qadhi – Perfect Justice: Debunking the Male Bias Myth | Halal Tube Regarding modern-day Sufis, I’ll admit I’m a bit bias by all the vids I see of prominent Shaykhs […]

  4. Yasir Habeeb says:


  5. Anoynimus says:

    Shut Up Yasir

  6. Alim says:

    mashallah…nice lecture

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