Performing Good Deeds in Our Society as Means of Getting Closer to God

Tariq Ramadan

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12 Responses to “ Tariq Ramadan – Performing Good Deeds in Our Society as Means of Getting Closer to God ”

  1. Farhana says:

    As-salaamu’alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuh

    Masha’Allah…lots and lots to learn and implement in our life, insha’Allah.

    Wa’alaykum as-salaam

  2. Abu-Maishah Shair says:

    professor tariq ramadan is an activist-intellectual of the first order. he thinks; therefore, he is viewed as a threat to those who do not. and the greatest ‘threat’ he presents, especially to the sinecurist scholars, is simply that he has respect for them, but, not fear of them.

  3. Fatima says:

    MashaAllah! I believe he should be one of the role models for today’s soicety. His ideas, perspective and work are quite impressive…if only more people implement the holistic nature of Islamic life, Muslims would no longer be viewed as a threat or as vermin to the society. When we have muslims being the greatest contributors to the progress of society, they will be looked up to by non-musmlims too. The situation would then be one in which the student getting the highest marks is a Muslim, the person volunteering at the welfare home is a Muslim, the lady helping out at the orphanage is a Muslim,that diligent, innovative worker is a Muslim, the scientist who just invented a cure for some rare disease is a Muslim,etc….you get the picture. That’s how Muslims should be and that’s the state of society we should strive towards.

  4. Sofia says:


    i totally agree with tariq Ramadahn. we need to work harder and get ore involved athough it is a very hard step. According to statistics (I was in this lecture myself and I tried hiding behind my books as much as I could, amongst the religious groups, Muslims are economically the most inactive and tunemployment is the highest in UK!! how embarssing…! Sikhs and Hindus did better. No excuse on blaming it on poor education in the past and our parents…Sikhs and Hindus have a similiar background…it’s our mentality.

  5. Sofia says:

    I ahve just written a whole essay and it all went !!!!!!!

    so, i am just going to summarise and I hope you;ll get what I mean.

    there are many jobs out there that may seem benficial and show contribution to society.
    I am doing a teaching course (pgce) at the moment with the intenion of dawa and wanting to contribute to society. However, lectures by Hamza yusuf say that schools are just there to dumb down kids and keep people as childish as possible as this makes it easier for the government to control society. (which makes total sense when you listen to this lecture).So, the solution according to hamza yusuf is, teach your kids at home.
    as there is a huge number of sisters who are doingpgce courses, does this suggest that we shouldnt work in public schools?
    furthermore, im sure there are more jobs out there with the purpose of wanting to control society only. So what are we ‘laymen’ muslims suppose to do who wnat to contribute to society, but have jobs that indirectly harm society? What is immediate solution and response? is there one? any suggestions? would be cool if this would get a discussion going as I am really interested as to what people think out there.

    furthermore, how much are we suppose to compromise? i cant help but feel while I was listenting to professor tariq ramadan that there is a lot of compromise on the muslims behalf involved (notnecessarily jihad). as a muslim layman you do have to comrpomise with free mixing, suashing your prayers in here and there (even if u do get a prayer room) etc. etc. I feel that our spirituality and closeness to Allah and with fellow muslims (which we are in so dire need at teh moment as our imaan is so low as it is) is pushed to the back in further. It seems like a vicious circle we cannot come out of. I dont know if I make sense,,but Ihope that there are some out there who know what I am trying to say.

  6. Edward says:

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  7. Halal Tube says:

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  8. keni lynch says:

    beautiful talk. he asks questions that need to be answered. justice must be universal and it is not justice for the poor and women to be victimized twice. a discussion must take place about the place of corporal punishment in islam today.

  9. Saima says:

    MashaAllah, He is an amazing person and a true role model. May Allah give him the best in this world and the hereafter, Ameen! And may Allah make us sadaqah jariah for him. His one point that affected me the most was “ACT FIRST, then speak” and I think we muslims only speak, and do very little. So let us be seen in every walk of life, helping everyone and standing up for justice everywhere, for all of HUMANITY, inshaAllah!!!

  10. Mostapha says:


    Dr. Tariq Ramadan in this discussion brings to mind the message of the surat-al-baqara. The laziness of which he speaks in the muslim community is that of the Hebrews whom are mentioned in surat-al-baqara. We must remember that Allah does not unconditionally favor us over all others; we must earn our lot as Muslims. We must excel everyday in all matters of life: in the spiritual and in the material; according to Islam the two are inseperable.

  11. Sajeda says:

    “The main enemy of a Muslim is his own laziness..”

    Subhanallah what a powerfully accurate statement. May Allah grant us all protection from our own laziness. Ameen.

  12. Ali Aden says:

    Mansha Allah! Sounding topic! Continue always effort just in the way you do hopefully Allah will be with those who are dedicated to performing good deeds only for the sake of him!

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