Perished Nations: Episode 3 - Lut

Muhammad Alshareef

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  1. Sulaiman says:

    Subhanallah… I was deeply moved by this lecture (brought near to tears actually) especially the part where prophet Lut (A.S) became a bit frustrated that hedidnot have the power to protect his guests.

    Also the aspect of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) is enough to get any individual to reflect on the way we treat our guests.

    I learned much about how to react to being given complements…I’m going to listen to the fouth part now

    I pray that Allah will guide and protect us all. May Allah have mercy on the Shaykh and hrant him a place in paradise. Also may Allah bles the Halatube team for the work that they are doing and may he reward them both in this world and ultimately in the next. Masalam

  2. Abdu Rahman says:

    Masha Allah this is a very good lecture. Muhammad Alshareef does an excellent job of explaining the stories of the Quran and linking it to present day situations. He also presents it in a way so that is appealing to the youth and in their language.

    One compliant I have is where he said that we have to support the Christian groups in opposing homosexuality. I agree that this is a great sin, but I think Muslims today have more pressing matters than opposing homosexuals. For example why are these people homosexuals in the first place. Is it not because they do not know Quran and so they do not know Allah (swt)? So I think our focus should be on carrying dawah and teaching the people about their Creator through the Quran rather than on opposing the homosexuals.

    We should go to the root of the problem rather than focusing on the branches. Allah (swt) Knows best.

  3. Sulaiman says:

    Masha allah bro. Abdur Rahman…but i have to disagree with you slightly, as much as we need to target the root of the problems we also need to show our fervent disagreement with the act…We must have short-term and long term actions

    Allah Knows Best

  4. SubhanAllah, 91 minutes of pure EmanRush.

  5. zain says:

    in fiqh of dawah, you see why it is important to support these groups.

  6. AH says:

    Inshallah will take the time to listen to this after the positive comments from the brothers. Jazak Allah for the reviews brothers. May Allah reward you and the Sheikh for your efforts.Ameen.

  7. tarek says:

    Salam WaAlaykum All,
    Not sure what happened but the lecture finished at 21minutes. I’m trying to watch it again inshaAllah it will finish successfuly this time.


  8. Go back to the Desert says:

    Dumb talafi – deen distorters

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