Pictures and Photographs in Islam

Nuh Ha Mim Keller

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  1. amar says:

    fantastic speaker, what a excellent scholor, great man

  2. tahirah amatullah goldsmith says:


  3. Ibn Hasan Ibn Ahmed Ibn Isa says:

    Subhan Allah! I am very impressed with Shk Nuh’s speech. He is absolutely correct about pictures, TV etc. and their broad reaching impacts on faith and true knowledge. When he speaks about the effects of computers on children’s brains, learning under pratical teachers rather than cyber-training and games, he speaks for the few of us who feel outnumbered by the “nerds” in Silicon Valley that want their children to start using computers at a very young age. Shk Nuh should slecture the school teachers at Granada Islamic School Santa Clara, because these poor folks need enlightenment in this area.

  4. Mohammed Raqeeb says:

    Assalaamu Wa-alaikum my brother. I was listening to a few lectures and I just noticed that right at the very bottom of the page of your website, there are these words; “© 2007 Halal Tube | Powered by Allah | Disclaimer | Suggestions?”
    I immediately found this offensive as I believe that the whole site is human-powered and therefore if there are any mistakes, it will be by us-even though we may have the best of intentions to spread Islam.Do you not think that saying that halal tube is powered by Allah is a bit too extravagant and it seems to imply that it is indeed the work of Allah- when indeed, it is an effort by a few of his slaves trying to do good. Please tell me I’m not looking into it too much. It has troubled me and as my duty and intention of good faith I thought I would bring it to your attention. I apologise if I have upset you in any way-this was not my intention. I am the worst of men and really have no right to tell anyone anything. I have no formal education or a degree but of what little I do know, this statement has caused me concern.

    Wa alaikum Assalam dear brother.
    Allah Hafiz.

    Mohammed Raqeeb

  5. Muhammad Shoaib Akram says:

    I agree with brother Mohammed Raqeeb. The phrase “Powered by Allah” should be modified, e.g have something like: Powered by servants of Allah” or something better.

    Hope you dont find the suggestion offensive

  6. tahirah amatullah goldsmith says:

    Al-praise is for ALLAH AZZA WA JAL alone. My dear respected brothers every-thing that is, and every-thing that isn’t all things seen and unseen are powered by OUR ALLAH may HE be for-ever honored, but most men know not. no offens my brothers. your elder sister in faith Tahirah Amatullah Goldsmith

  7. Abd Al Khaliq says:


    I find this argument on photography to be weak. (Mind you, I like Sh. Nuh and I generally find him to be compelling).

    While there are very obvious misfortunes that come with inappropriate use of images (in photography, drawing, and film), it’s no different than many other things which can be (ab)used freely. Money, weapons, etc.

    The ahadith are not elaborated on here and they need to be addressed with more context and detail.

    I’m 100% with him on the fact that society is increasingly dumber and less able to think independently as a consequence of television. (I don’t own one, by the way.)

    But overall, this isn’t an especially compelling argument for the prohibition of images. The argument against music is FAR more powerful and compelling.

    Abd Al Khaliq

  8. Great sheikh, interesting points but… as a programmer i am rather offended to the fact that he said computer kids are dumber than non-computer kids. In fact, they are way more smarter and their brains changed in a positive way. They improved in in basic visual processes, attention, vigilance, executive functioning and job-related skills. You might argue that they lack social skills, which is one negative against many valuable positivies and in the end, we need both types in our ummah because diversity is healthy.
    I would even advice parents to educate themselves on what games exists and which they should buy for their kids and even participate with them from time to time. To put the effort in controlling their consumption instead of prohibiting everything out of irrational fear. Sure, there are games that are just a waste of time and many games try to get you hooked with pointless achievements but these can be avoided easily. Like EVERYTHING in the world, there are good and bad things and just condemning something without being educated in that topic, just comes off as ignorant.
    I apologize if i offended anyone. It was interesting regardless, just not real.
    Allah knows best.

    • Small correction, those positivies i mentioned are just about gamer kids, not computer kids. Computer kids are even more advanced because they use their time for other things than gaming.

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