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Ahmed Deedat

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  1. Abdul Kareem says:


  2. Mohamed Camara says:

    This lecture must have been shortly before the death of the Sheikh because he looks much older here than in other lectures. Tabarakallah! May Allah fill his grave with light and repose as he awaits al Jannah Inshallah. Alahouma Ameen!

  3. Abdul khalid says:

    Sheikh Ahmad Deedat is alive among the bleivers at all times and He is a man for whom that seek right path.

  4. Abu Salahudeen says:

    Shaykh Ahmed Deedat was alive and has passed on. We should make dua for him. He is not alive among the believers but his actions do live on, alhamdolillah. We should study & be a strong force like him in sha Allah. Be careful not to commit shirk & correct the above comment…

  5. meelash says:

    10 years before he died.

  6. riaz ahmed says:

    may his soul rest in heaven a legend who tell us how to tackle and answer the non believers he will remain in our memories 4ever

  7. babu says:

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  8. Dr. Saeed Ahmad Aftab. says:

    Alhamdollilah. personalities like Sh. Ahmad Deedat And Dr. Zakir Naik are a great blessing of Allah Almighty for this ummah. These people told us muslims not to be appologitic. Rather we should convey our message to our christian brothers in a very beautiful and convincing way.

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