Pray Before You are Prayed Upon

Abdur-Raheem Green

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  1. Muslim says:

    MashaAllah brother. I love your lectures. Keep it up! Also, does anyone know where i can download this from?

  2. umm numair says:

    assalam alykum warahmatullah wabarakatahu
    brother i have this video in .flv format…
    if u want i can mail it u .. hopefully gmail can support attachments of 127MB

    do mention if u want..
    jazakallah khair .. may Allah SWT raise your emaan and guide us all to the straight path ameen
    assalam alykum

  3. bintulislam says:

    Does anyone know from where i can download this ?

  4. BINTULISLAM says:

    assalam o alaikum wr wb! plz plz plz if any one knows that from where i can download this, do tell me! plz

  5. myan says:

    assalamu alaikum waramatullah wabarakatuh.

    am a newly reverted muslim and your lectures are helping me a lot to understand more our religion..mashallah, u are explaining the topics clearly..may Allah swt bless you more..

  6. G-star says:

    these teachings are no sins these give light to our mids o muslims be warn that the day of 50 years ” judgement day ”

    it is not far from now please don’t forget your religion trust me youll need it

  7. Foggy says:

    Copy the URL the video you’re watching, ie. the address at the top of the page of the video.

    go to

    and paste the copied address. Click convert.

    Takes a bit longer for the longer videos.
    Then just download the mp3 file free once the conversion is done inshallah.


  8. marina says:

    i want to download your video but i don’t know how to download your video because i have mac computer and you only allowed to download video in mac by get tube but the get tube doesn’t work in you video thanks

  9. Nyi Nyi Soe says:

    Dear Marina, you can download video using this website. You can choose the format you prefer to down loan. You may even download in MP3 format. Hope this help

  10. Muhammad Kamal says:

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatulla

    I hope all of my brothers and sisters are fine with the blessings of Allah. I have seen some of user of Halaltube want to download video, but they cannot find a nice way to do. I would like to help you in this regard insha’Allah.

    The method or way of downloading videos from website are so easy. You just need to install a add-ons on your Mozila Firefox. But the question is how to install add-ons on Firefox? Don’t be worried at all. You just need a very few moments to step ahead of your download.

    Open up M. Firefox>Go to>Tools>Click on “add-ons”>A window will get a new tab> Find search bar on it>Now Search with “Flashgot”

    When your search is completed find “Flashgot” with spark icon.

    Now, this is the final step, just install “Flashgot” and restart your Mozila Firefox.

    After restarting Firefox you’ll see an icon next to address bar(www), the appearance of icon can be different according to the version of Mozila Firefox. If you cannot see Spark icon at address bar, just look for another place where you can see, but you also can see at right lower corner of your Firefox after a video is loaded or ready to download. The icon will notify you by blinking.

    Hope this will work, insha’Allah

    But this is my cordial request, do not download any inappropriate video using this method.(You know what I’ve meant).


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