Prophet Muhammad’s (s) Marriage to Aisha (ra)

Yusuf Estes

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10 Responses to “ Yusuf Estes – Prophet Muhammad’s (s) Marriage to Aisha (ra) ”

  1. WHY ISLAM says:

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  2. Vasili Piazantini says:

    Wow! This is ridiculous.

    I have to say that if you were trying to make a point in favor of contract marriage or the sanctity of marriage, the story of of Mohammed’s molestation of a nine year old (with important passages of the Koran obviously and conveniently left out) with the lame defense that it was common during the time (it seems that a godlike being would rise above the bronze-age rituals of the time, yet they never seem to)is about the most counter-intuitive example you could give. Shakespeare didn’t tell that story because no one with a daughter could honestly feel comfortable with it, it doesn’t pass the barf test. Another example of how religion can take otherwise obvious violations and turn them into passable actions. Disgusting.

    • Muslim #2 says:

      Perhaps this will make more sense to you Vasili;

      The Islamic legal age of sex is defined as ‘post-puberty’, of course this is only to be undertaken within the contract of marriage. This value system is from Allah and is the metric used by Muslims. In contrast, the modern secular world has defined the legal age for sexual relations arbitrary based on ‘age’. This is a foolish premise, what happens at the stroke of midnight that suddenly makes a person sexually ready? (I mean this physically and psychologically, both of which are required by Islam for both genders prior to marriage).
      Further, we can see the modern world disagree on the correct age to define for seuxal relations; in the UK the age is legally 16; in Spain its 13. I could go on, but you get my point.

      Next, you cannot remove context from any period of history and then consider yourself a rational person! -> Shortly after the death of prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him), there was a military campaign led by a young general. Any guesses to how old he was? – Either 13 or 16! From this, it is clear that the youth in that period were mentally mature way beyond current development. You call historical context a lame defence, I say, your failure to consider context proof that your thinking is lame.

      Other factors to consider;
      1) The age of Aisha is subject to some debate. There are records suggesting she was older (some as high as late twenties). During that period there was not the same calendar tracking that we have today; it was common for people to guess their ages. Even if Aisha was married at nine years old, this is a non-issue for Muslims. We understand that there are other factors to a persons development than simply ‘being the legal age’. Aisha was mature in both senses at the time of her marriage; a metric Islam mandates.
      2) As Mr Estes eluded, read the work of Aisha; what does she say about the marriage? If you have not read her account and you are also using a corrupt metric (presumably nothing more than current social norms), no wonder you think its ridiculous!
      3) Phsychological studies indicate that the youth in the past developed at a quicker rate than now – why do you dismiss this? What do you think will happen in 1500 years from now; perhaps maturity will speed up / slow down even more, and history will view you and your life as the one with the archaic value system.

      My final point, which has not yet been covered;- That is the (currently socially unacceptable) age-gap between the two (assuming of course the age given of ‘nine’ is correct). – To this I ask you; How do YOU know what is appropriate? Probably nothing more than subjective reasoning based on social conditioning and preference.

      Disgusting??? Well, that depends on whose value system is better doesn’t it!
      The Muslims fixed moral code, provided from the creator of the universe, the creator of our own existance?
      Or your own subjective thought process, based on social norms and a rejection of rational logic?

      • Booya Bible says:

        Value system from Allah?????? No. Value system from a book written by men, just like the Bible was written by men, just like the Bhagavad Gita was written by men. Get over yourself. You do not worship God; you worship a book. You and only you have determined that this book is from God. Are you above God? Is this why you felt you got to make that decision? You get to decide what words are from God and what are not? Really, you? If you wanna clear this all up, however, have your god come down and tell us that your book is somehow THE book. Stop telling me what you believe and SHOW me the truth. You can’t because your god is a fiction, and if he wasn’t, he would not be contained in a book. The universe, the world, what we can see and feel day to day is God if you want to call it that; your book….is a book, and THAT is what you worship, not God.

        I don’t need “Allah” or what you say is Allah to know that fucking little children is wrong. Give me a break.

      • use your brain not just your feelings says:

        sorry . the context is not removed. the context is as a man of god. under gods instruction.he should have set the new standard of not being aroused by children.your most reliable hadith put her a six. and playing with dolls.sorry girls did not develop faster then.they do now because of the lifestyle and food we do the old .science shows argument is a lie. and just Muslims fishing in a sea of excuses from Muslim sources.and arbitrary age in the west . well no.that is to protect children who might have physically developed. but not mentally being taken advantage off.and value system you say.well that can be used as an excuse for anything.gods laws are eternal and not up to your personal value system.and Muslims fixed value system from the creator includes.child brides.killing for god.taqiya. kit man.dhimmitude.corrupting the message of the books that came before them.then claiming the creators message is not a story about how many slaves the prophet many people he had assassinated. how many times he could have sex.who to kill and this is from the anti creator

    • Sadia says:

      When a girl is mature, she has all the right to get married according to islam… Its not a compulsion offcourse, but its permissable, as simple as that.. N this is what happened in hazrat aisha’a (RA) case.

      It was normal during those days to marry under-aged girls but prophet (PBUH) did NOT do that. Infact, it was to reject this tradition that had long been happening in Arab, which is why he did not get married and bring hazrat aisha (RA) to his home until she reached the age of maturity. Which part of it is harder to understand now??

      N dun talk to me about ‘disgusting’ stuff. Is it not disgusting for you when they give sex eduction to kids in schools from the age of 12 and they start having intercourse randomly with different people?? The only thing that u find disgusting is if the very same girl marries a man and moves on with her life with that single person?? Thats ridiculous!!

    • Muhammad wasim says:

      just pitty i can feel for you nothing more than that a simpple and straight forward term which cant be fit in your discusting filthy mind

  3. Khurram says:

    Sadia … salam …May Allah bless you …simple answer is what you have written…
    *****When a girl is mature, she has all the right to get married according to Islam…****
    Sweet and simple…

  4. a m malik says:

    There is a controversy to the age of Hazrat Aisha ra. Some say it is 9 when Nikah was performed but rukhsati took place when she was 19. But that is a mute point. The only weak element that the non muslims try to nibble is this marriage. How come Hazrat AbuBakar – who loved her daughter as much as we love our daughters- would allow something not reasonable happening to her daughter. Even though this age factor is a mute point missing the bigger picture, however this is the only rub that the others feel could be point scoring. Now Hazrat Umer married Hazrat Ali’s Daughter,so what is so strange when it comes to Hazrat Aisha?
    For the jews three years is the age when sex can be performed and according to them Noah had three wives, David twelve and Solomon around 100.
    The non Muslims need to have a look as to the history of the marriages of the Holy Prophet(pbuh)
    His first marriage lasted 25 years until he was 50 years. That is when Hazrat Khudeja- his first wife dies. He marries an old widow and for the next four years did not marry any one. It was at the age of 54 when he married others – when Islam had conquered territories after territories.
    Had there been the human weakness that- in the thinking of the non muslims- may have prompted these marriages, then they fail to understand that that there was never a single incident where the the Holy Prophet(pbuh) ever conducted outside the legally established bonds of marriage whether during his first marriage or otherwise – especially when such was the norm during those days and especially when he was young with all the strong emotions that normally is part of a man. Our Holy Prophet is the only one whose life has been so extensively documented. Had such a marriage been considered offensive, it would have had the objection by quite a few,especially his enemies. Such a case did not take place
    Contrary to the above when we see those secular countries, whose people have the habit of finger pointing at the Muslims, are heavily prone to extra maritial relations so much so that they had to legalize it” between two consenting adults etc”

  5. Mikhail Gordon says:

    I get disgusted not at our Nebis marriage (pbuh) to Hazrat Aishia (ra) but to the myopic views of the non-Muslim to this union… i think the 1st rebut to the highly charged Islamaphobe was great… the Cathilic dictionary (along with early Christian writings) put Hazrat Mary (ra) about the age of 12 when she wed Joseph at 90! Is that pedophilia? No… it was 2000 years ago, in a culture much different from ours… In the U.S. in 1887 (about 120 years ago) the legal age of concent was 10… Social norms change from time to place… Our Nebi is above and beyond reproach

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