Muhammad Alshareef

6 Responses to “ Muhammad Alshareef – Regret ”

  1. Helena says:

    As salamu aleikum wa rahmatullah!

    Wonderful wonderful lecture! I can recomand everyone to listen it! It rip into the heart.

  2. muslimah 84 says:

    This lecture made me want to change my whole life around very powerful speaker. May Allah bless this brother he is reminding us of the prupose of our existence and getting us to snap out of it and change before its too late. Please listen.

  3. Fatma says:

    MashaAllah, this is a really inspiring speech, excellent for reviving our iman.

  4. Raheem says:

    Amazing lecture! Everyone should listen to this

  5. Tayyab says:

    Abdul Malek Rigi!

  6. Jamal says:

    does not work

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