Sex, Drugs & Rock n’Roll

Abdur-Raheem Green

Sex, Drugs & Rock n’Roll: Or is there more to life?

11 Responses to “ Abdur-Raheem Green – Sex, Drugs & Rock n’Roll ”

  1. Maryam says:

    MASHALLAH what he says makes so much sense

    Rabbana taqabbal minna innaka antas Sameeul Aleem : )

    • Syma Khalid says:

      why doesnt the ‘esteemed’ speaker realise that religion itself is an intoxication? he’s a misguided, arrogant, fool. Feel sorry for anyone who cannot see beyond his nonsense.

      • Riyaz Ahmad Bhat says:

        Dear Syma, this site is for believers, you can share your thoughts (baseless allegations and accusations) with the like minded people on some other forums not here (though we appreciate your visit!).

  2. omar says:

    so true. wish i can get on the straight path and enjoy life the right way inshallah.


  3. aslyafghan says:

    Asalaamualaikum. Very POWERFUL and so very TRUE! I highly, highly recommend this lecture.

  4. Mahdi says:

    Omar I wish you the best brother…


  5. Aun Muhammad says:


    Most of the things that Shaykh talked about seem to be so trivial and banal but despite that we tend to forget all of that so quickly.This lecture serves as a beautiful reminder of the true purpose of our lives.May Allah(swt) help us all find contentment in His remembrance,Ameen.

  6. Ibn Tahir says:

    Assalam Alaikum,

    Nice talk, but lets not confuse brother Abdur Raheem Green for a Shaikh, as he definitely is not. His perspective is very interesting and it has value in its own place.

  7. Oli says:

    I don’t have a belief as such but do enjoy listening to Mr Green!!!! also is it just me or does he look and sound like David Cameron in disguise?????

  8. Matthew says:

    God or Allah? Both are the same but we have two books one is said to be much older but both where put on paper by man. One is hate the other is love. One tells it’s people are the chosen and the other says its people are the one. Yet there are plenty of people who believe in other Gods. If you’re not careful you may pick the wrong God and end up lost forever. Yet all of you think your God is the true God? Man is stupid.

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